Comment choisir une bague homme de fiançailles

How to choose a men's engagement ring

Giving an engagement ring to your man is not yet very common, but it is done. Decided to take the plunge, and wondering how to choose? Here are some things to think about to help you in your men's ring selection process.

Fortunately, men are usually less picky about their accessories. Whether it is for a men's bracelet or a ring, they are more accommodating. However, that doesn't mean you should set your sights on the first ring that's right for you. Put in the effort to find a ring that she really likes.

What engagement ring for a man?

Choosing the ring to give your man should not be extremely complicated if you know him well. After all, the choice of a jewel is above all personal. If you know her tastes and her psychology, THE ring that will fit her like a glove should jump out at you when you see her for the first time. It remains to define in advance some criteria.

Where to buy your men's engagement ring

Men's rings can be purchased online and at jewelry stores. For such purchases, some consumers still prefer to go to a physical store. But e-commerce can also offer guarantees. At Bijoux4Men, for example, you benefit from a money-back guarantee, especially our range of men's jewelry. You therefore take no risk by buying your men's ring on the Internet with such a guarantee.

Budget for a men's ring

If you're wondering how much you should spend on her ring, we don't have the answer for you. When buying an engagement ring, Americans spend an average of 2-3 times their salary. That said, it's all about personal choice, the state of one's finances. Especially for men, who rarely wear diamonds, one can reasonably consider that a much lower price is acceptable. And if people like Johnny Depp continue to wear their engagement ring after marriage, it is rather the exception that proves the rule. No need to spend a fortune.

Gems or not?

Traditionally, the men's ring is an example of sobriety. Gemstones are extremely rare. However, over time men's rings have become more daring, sometimes becoming as elegant and sophisticated as women's rings. This choice will be dictated by the style of your man.

Diamonds are one of the most popular stones. They emit a touch of sophistication. They are stylish and go with any outfit. If your guy isn't too into bling, why not go for amethyst. This stone signifies courage and clarity, which are good qualities for a man. Additionally, the dark purple of the amethysts represents nobility and royalty.

Men's ring metals

The choice of metal is probably the most crucial element in your selection of a men's engagement ring. One of the most popular metals for men's rings today is platinum. Platinum has a silver hue and shines brightly. White gold is another good choice as it is a noble metal that goes well with cool skin tones.

If your man likes yellow gold and has warm skin, then this is the perfect choice. If your budget is tight, a silver ring is another popular choice. It's also a good option if your man is rather modest and doesn't want to wear a men's ring that costs a fortune.

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