Comment bien s'habiller quand on est un mâle ?

How to dress well when you're a male?

Dressing well when you're a man can sometimes be an obstacle course. Strangely men are not very comfortable when it comes to choosing their clothes. It's not because they don't care about trends or styles. On the contrary. As proof, we see more and more men who pay particular attention to their look. So, how to dress well when you are a man? Here are some helpful tips.

And the man put on clothes in his image

What you have to keep in mind is that the clothes we wear reflect our personality. By definition, asserting your clothing style means creating a unique look that matches your tastes, personality and mood. “The habit does not make the monk”, this proverb perfectly illustrates the frequent mistake made by some men. Under the pressure of trends and the diktat of beauty, they adopt a style that does not suit them at all. And it can be seen right away that they are not comfortable. Instead of bringing a personal touch to their outfit, they give a different image of them which is not necessarily to their advantage.

Monotony and monochrome to avoid

Who has never adapted their look to the context? Suit and tie at a formal evening or a business meeting, casual chic at a brunch or an evening with friends. Dare to say no to a preset style for every occasion. Don't hesitate to shake up the codes and vary the genres, while remaining consistent with your personal style. Be bold and inspired when composing your outfits. And avoid repetition as much as possible. This doesn't mean being overcrowded or wearing flashy or even "bling-bling" clothes.

Put some fun into your outfit, but don't overdo it. This favorite phrase for women “it goes with everything” announces the color. Prefer basic colors (black, brown, grey....), but not from head to toe. Combining colors brings out a certain consistency in outfits. In addition, it will allow you to showcase yourself throughout the year. And to tune into the world around you.

Put on clothes that fit

The days of your mom buying you clothes that were too big to fit for a long time are over. Now that you're tall, choose clothes that fit, neither too big nor too small. On the cutting side, take your morphology into account. Whether you are small, tall, thin or with a strong build, bet on a fitted cut (understand curved). Coat, jacket, t-shirt, pants...everything must be your size or risk looking like a penguin.

Add a touch of whimsy to your outfit

Jewellery brings a touch of originality to your outfits. Feel free to wear it, whatever the occasion. And don't limit yourself to the eternal watch. Men's jewelry is beginning to invest the shelves of department stores. Bracelets, rings, necklaces... will allow you to perfect your style and add a touch of fantasy to your outfit. Available in a multitude of varieties and materials, jewelry for men adapts to all tastes, all outfits and all styles.

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