Comment améliorer son style avec des accessoires homme ?

How to improve your style with men's accessories?

Having style is like being a starred chef, it's not within everyone's reach. Indeed, if some manage to do so without difficulty. Many unfortunately fumble and end up looking like everyman. Others, on the other hand, prefer to sport UFO looks to stand out. However, it does not take much to be hyped in all circumstances. A few accessories are enough to bring a whole new dimension to any outfit, even the most basic. Provided, of course, that you follow certain rules and choose them well. So, how to improve your style with men's accessories? Here are our tips!

The must-haves of the stylish man

It must be admitted, when it comes to fashion, men are not as well served as women. Which makes things doubly difficult when they want to express their personality through their look. Nevertheless, many of these gentlemen manage to stay stylish with a simple t-shirt and raw jeans. So what makes their look different from others? The answer is quite simple: their original way of accessorizing their outfits. Indeed, accessories are essential to perfect your look and reveal your personality.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find yourself with these multitudes of accessories on sale in stores. But don't panic, just like clothes, there are indeed basics that you can adopt to give a real personal touch to your outfits.

The tie

The tie, the legendary accessory that spans the ages. It is certainly the male accessory par excellence. It is therefore difficult to avoid it. So traditionally, it was meant for rather strict dress codes. Today, it can be mixed with almost any everyday look. The must: there are all kinds and all colors. Nothing better to twist all your outfits. Provided, however, that you wear a shirt. The t-shirt and tie combo is for punks.

The watch

There is nothing to say: the watch is a classic in the male wardrobe. Every well-dressed man must wear one, adapted to his mentality, his style and especially his wrist. Not only is the watch a charming asset that sets you apart from others, but it will also complete your outfit. And will refine your style with a touch of originality. Whether automatic or quartz, high-end or fancy, be sure it will make all the difference.

The belt

If a bag is a woman's best friend, a belt is undoubtedly a man's. Whether formal or casual, the belt will accompany you everywhere, summer and winter. On shorts, a suit or a pair of jeans, it gives style if it is well matched to the color of your shoes (preferably). And to be a cut above everyone else, choose it in beautiful full-grain leather or woven leather. Your fashion score will skyrocket.


Although socks are essential accessories to be totally comfortable in your sneakers, they also allow you to bring style to your outfits. Indeed, far from being simple practical accessories, socks testify to your stylistic mastery without false note. To be hyped all the way, dare to wear patterned or colored socks that will brighten up your looks. And the more it stings, the more trendy it is. However, a few rules to remember before adopting this new madness. First, never try to coordinate them with another element of your outfit. Then, choose them not too short so as not to show your calves when you are seated.

The scarf

Contrary to popular belief, the scarf is not reserved for the winter seasons. Yes, she is doing just as well in the summer. Choose it in silk or wool to face the cold of winter. And rather in light material for the summer. In jersey or linen, it's up to you. And, to refine your look even more, dare colorful, printed or oversized scarves. You will be on top.

Jewellery: the holy grail of style

Jewellery is like a magic wand. Indeed, they have the real power to assert your personality and improve your looks in a second, just the time to put them on. Whether they are a leather bracelet, a black steel bangle, a white pearl street necklace or a lime men's rosary, they are an integral part of the fashion equation and are capable of redefining a simple outfit.

Of course, the main thing is to always know how to dose. Moreover, as Coco Chanel said so well: "Before going out, take a last look in the mirror and remove an accessory". This rule is to be applied in all circumstances. What's more, the overdose of men's jewelry is an unforgivable fashion misstep. Finally, each piece of jewelry must also match your body type, skin tone and circumstances. In other words, you don't wear cufflinks twice the size of your wrist with a Hugo Boss tuxedo.

And remember, "fashions pass, style is eternal", Yves Saint-Laurent.

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