Comment acheter son premier bijou homme ? Les conseils d'un pro

How to buy your first men's jewellery? Advice from a pro

For most men, jewelry can understandably be difficult to grasp. The term men's jewelry has had a reputation for limited supply, flashy designs for decades. Unless you wanted to wear something like a massive gold chain, or other rather aggressive things, the only options left were a watch or a wedding band. And that's all.

Men's jewelry: now a varied offer

But that was until brands like Henkö Paris, Leju London, By Olivier Lafond, Côté Mecs and many others started to offer a real choice in terms of jewelry for male. On the other side of the Atlantic, a brand like Miansai has also added its stone to the building, to give men the jewelry they wanted without knowing it, for lack of supply.

"I've always wanted to make jewelry for the guy who doesn't usually wear it," said Michael Saiger of his men's jewelry collection. He is the founder and creative director of the Miansai brand. He demonstrated that it was quite possible for men to wear jewelry without sporting an extravagant look.

You might think of this designer as a cool guy from the booming Wynwood scene, but his style is far from the fantasies you might see at Art Basel. He favors classic, timeless pieces that don't jump on the first trend that comes along. Just like her style of dress, it's classy, ​​but without forcing it. He is therefore the ideal person to navigate the playground of modern men's jewelry.

Saiger's passion for men's jewelry and his brand is evident. However, making necklaces, men's bracelets and other pieces for his fellow men was not a vocation. He also never imagined that he would create a successful brand employing many employees before he even finished his studies.

" I wanted to buy a men's bracelet, but I couldn't find anything that suited me, " he said of the beginnings of his growing business. “The only things that were available on the market were big silver bracelets, very massive things. This type of jewelry is aimed at a particular target. They express something strong, without necessarily defining the wearer. »

He had nevertheless developed an affinity for design during his childhood. His mother being an antique dealer, he was able to develop his aesthetic tastes very early. Armed with a drill and vintage materials, he began creating men's jewelry during his graduate studies. He started selling them in shops where they sold like hotcakes. The creation of jewelry has become an obsession for this self-taught designer. All profits from previous sales were reinvested in the company, which thus experienced organic growth. He started buying polishers, a 3D printer, casting machines. He developed a style likely to appeal to men from all walks of life, he contributed to the popularity of men's jewelry.

I wanted to create something nostalgic, something people could relate to,” he said. “This is how I came up with the idea of ​​combining rope and silver to make a nautical bracelet. It was an improved version of what you did in summer camp. This did not exist on the market, I knew this model would become popular. »

Even if you don't know the Miansai brand, you know the anchor or hook bracelets that were the basis of its success. This enveloping bracelet (in leather or cord) was also a huge success with men. It was a piece that could go with any outfit, easy to wear and elegant. The competition was quick to copy this style. For someone who wants to get into men's jewelry, an anchor bracelet is ideal.

How to buy your first men's jewelry

"The process is the same as when buying a shirt," Saiger said. “You have to choose based on what appeals to you, what speaks to you. There is no need to take the lead. »

Choose versatile jewelry that adds an eye-catching touch to your everyday look. A bracelet or a not too flashy necklace that you can wear both at work and in the evening, which will become an accessory that defines you and enhances your personal style.

" This is one of the best things about jewelry, " he said. “You can wear the same thing for years, have many experiences, and accumulate memories that can be associated with them. You will have been through so much together that he can become an essential part of you.»

To help you buy your first men's jewellery, here is a short guide to bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Men's bracelet

The trend was for men's metal or leather bracelets that were quite wide, but today they are becoming thinner, in particular to allow them to be worn in accumulation, but also to display a more minimalist look, " Saiger said. "I like to combine a simple bangle with a bracelet with a different texture, whether it's leather, rope, etc. I always try to avoid overload. »

As regards the wearing of men's bracelets in accumulation, the problem must be understood as an equation to be balanced. A beautiful bracelet is enough to improve its look. If you want something a little more daring, make sure the jumpsuit isn't too heavy. If you already wear a watch or wedding band on one hand, wear the bracelet on the other wrist.

Men's necklace

Choose a men's necklace with a minimalist style that you can associate with and that you can wear under or over your T-shirt or shirt. A modern chain that falls mid-chest gives character to the simplest of white T-shirts worn with jeans. He advises against massive models. Polished metal is also more complicated to highlight according to him, he advises something a little more raw.

To wear men's necklaces in accumulation, he recommends combining a simple chain with or without a pendant of around 60 cm with a shorter pendant chain to brighten up the T-shirt Daily.

Men's ring

" If you wear a signet ring, I would recommend that you don't wear any other rings on the same hand ," Saiger advises when it comes to men's rings. "The signet ring is enough of that. In the limit 2 rings in the same hand, but it is a maximum. » Wearing massive rings is not recommended for people who perform manual professions, even when using a computer keyboard. In general he prefers lighter models that we forget we are wearing, except when someone compliments us. He recommends a maximum width of 4 mm.


No matter what jewelry you buy, how you are going to wear it, it is important that you have really fallen for it, that you can wear it every day with confidence. A jewel synthesizes the adventures, journeys and great moments of your life to acquire this sentimental value that makes it priceless.

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