Colliers homme : la chaîne fait son grand retour

Men's necklaces: the chain is making a comeback

From Tiffany and Co. to Cartier and fancy brands, manufacturers of men's jewelry are once again focusing on the chain. This popular men's accessory from the 80s comes back to us, however adapted to today's fashion. Here are some examples of models that are expected to be very popular during 2020.

Men's channel comeback

During the preceding decades, men's jewelry had a negative connotation. This was especially the case with the chain. It was the accessory to wear absolutely if you wanted to pass for a gangster or for an apprentice MC. However, the channel has evolved to find favor with very stylish guys, from Ryan Gosling to Carmelo Anthony to Jeff Goldblum. In short, we can say that the man channel is making a comeback, and with a bang. More than a trend, it is a rebirth. Throughout history, the chain has been a very popular piece of men's jewelry, from King Tut to Henry VIII. Today, it has regained its former glory in order to sophisticate the look of 21st century men.

If you're still hesitating, don't. For there is chain and chain. There are many models, from the most discreet to the most flashy. Going for a thin chain is, in a way, playing it safe. A minimalist chain allows you to give a whole new dimension to a distinguished outfit, or to enhance the elegance of an ordinary outfit. With pendant or without, the choice is yours. To wear a chain properly, you have to pay attention to its length. You will add the required number of centimeters to your neckline so that the necklace falls more or less low, according to your tastes.

Some examples of fashionable men's necklaces in 2020

The Cartier Santos men's necklace in white gold is made up of elongated links that somewhat resemble paperclips. This type of chain was very fashionable in the 19th century among pocket watch enthusiasts. This modern reinterpretation is also inspired by the legendary lines of the Cartier Santos watch.

Collier homme Tiffany

Tiffany and Co. offers an extremely elegant silver chain with rounded links (above). This is an ideal men's necklace to be noticed without overdoing it.

The Chicklet necklace from Tenthousandthings is much more affordable than the aforementioned. This necklace is made of a very fine chain accompanied by a pendant made of a turquoise. Ideal for adding color to your wardrobe.

Miansai is undoubtedly the most popular men's jewelry brand in the United States. The Dove necklace is made of delicate links. The chain is accompanied by 2 pendants type talisman.

The Finn Ball necklace resembles the type of chains worn by the military to hang their dog tag on. It is therefore a chain with ball links.

The Marla Aaron Babylock necklace offers something more virile and raw. The kind of chain you can see around the neck of rappers.

chaine homme David Yurman

David Yurman Shipwreck is a beautiful gold pendant that looks like it came straight from the trunk of a Spanish galleon that sank centuries ago in the Caribbean. It comes with a chain with square links that is as original as it is elegant.

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