Choisir ses chaussures pour l’été

Choose your shoes for the summer

Between the discomfort caused by the high heat and the feet martyred by our stuffy sneakers, wearing shoes in summer is not something that necessarily makes you jump for joy. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to optimize the well-being of our feet by choosing the right shoes. So, to help you choose your next shoes for the summer, make yourself comfortable and read our article.

Focus on the material

You may not automatically think of it, but the material your shoes are made of is of paramount importance. Indeed, the latter plays a key role in the comfort and well-being of your feet, especially when the temperature approaches or even exceeds 30°C. By the way, don't forget that to feel comfortable on a daily basis, your feet need to breathe and be airy. Thus, it is essential to choose materials that will give your feet real breathing space and avoid the feeling of suffocation.

For this, synthetic materials should be avoided as much as possible. Although inexpensive, they tend to easily generate excessive perspiration and can cause various discomforts such as blisters or bad odors. Leather and suede therefore remain unbeatable. Not only do they have the advantage of being naturally thermoregulatory. But they are also soft and supple. Obviously, it is preferable not to choose materials that are too thick. Your feet might boil like a fried egg in a pan. In this case, prefer soft vegetable-tanned leathers which will offer a better quality material.

Finally, for absolute comfort, it is strongly recommended to choose soles made of flexible material. They will absorb shocks better. What better way to start the summer on the right foot!

Choosing shoes for the summer: a matter of taste

As you probably know, shoes for summer come in different styles. From sneakers to moccasins and boats, there is something for everyone.


Light, airy and totally fashionable, espadrilles are a safe bet for the summer period. Whether in canvas, leather, suede, multicolored, monochrome or with the trendiest print, the list of variations is long for this it-accessory that has become a must-have in the summer wardrobe. Moreover, they are no longer reserved for the hot sand of the holidays, since they can very well integrate all your city outfits for a chic look. Then, a men's jewel with a bohemian spirit, a fabric bracelet or cord for example, to reach the apotheosis.


Queen of leisure shoes, loafers are must-haves for summer 2018. In addition, there are different models. In addition, the "penny loafers" are ideal for brightening up more casual looks. Especially since they are available in different colors. If you want to adopt a more preppy style, feel free to opt for tassel loafers or bite loafers. So all you have to do is choose!

Boat shoes

It's hard to ignore this men's wardrobe classic when the temperature rises. Indeed, ultralight and comfortable, these shoes inspired by the marine world are one of the best alternatives for the summer. What's more, boat shoes go perfectly with your Bermuda shorts, chinos and other rolled-up pants for a definitely trendy note. That said, we still advise you to avoid reminder notes with too obvious associations with shorts and sailor tops. Better yet, take them out of the nautical world by pairing them with vintage pieces, for example denim. And by choosing sparkling colors for a trendy look.

Last bit of advice:

To maximize the comfort of your feet and for the good of your shoes, more than ever, alternate wearing especially when the temperature panics. Thus, it is strongly discouraged to wear the same pairs two days in a row. Not only does this allow odors not to permeate the fabric or leather. But it will be all the more hygienic.

Finally, for those who are going to dare to wear sandals this summer, plan a good pedicure session. Remember that a man who takes care of his feet is a man who takes care of himself.

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