Chaînes à pendentif et colliers, l'une des tendances de la London Fashion Week homme

Pendant chains and necklaces, one of the trends of London Fashion Week men

Designers who showcased their latest menswear creations during London Fashion Week flooded the catwalks with designs inspired by workwear, cropped wind and sport/casual hybrid clothing. The chain with an oversized pendant was also ubiquitous, confirming the return of fashion in the 90s. Here are the men's trends that emerged from this London Fashion Week:

The scarf

The scarf will be an ubiquitous men's accessory for the fall winter 2019/2020 season. Whether plain, printed with slogans, striped or adorned with logos, it stood out during this men's fashion event. Whether with a woolen coat, a tracksuit or a sweater. It is worn long, falling in the front and back of one shoulder.

Men's necklace with oversized pendant

The use of men's necklaces adorned with an oversized pendant was also remarkable and noticed during the fashion shows. In a way, we are witnessing the great return of the fashion for XXL size pendants that we saw during the 90s. Remained popular with rappers, this trend for a pendant formed of an oversized symbol of dollar or other patterns is brought up to date.

The rise in popularity of men's jewelry is probably not unrelated to this trend. For designers who have taken note of this fact, offering men's necklaces is an excellent way to increase their sales. According to a report by Euromonitor International, sales of men's jewelery grew by 22% between 2012 and 2017, rising from a turnover of 4.3 to 5.3 billion dollars.

The turtleneck is a must among sweatshirts

Having dominated the catwalks of London Fashion Week Men's, the turtleneck is well on its way to dictating its law to men's sweatshirts. The turtleneck, of variable height depending on the model, was often associated with a necklace to give more texture to the whole.

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