Chaîne de corps homme, vous en dites quoi ?

Men's body chain, what do you say?

At a time when the concept of genderless is making a sensational entry into the fashion sphere, seeing men sporting pieces from the women's wardrobe no longer shocks anyone. Nevertheless, this does not prevent us from being speechless in the face of the appearance of certain rather sassy, ​​even crazy trends. Such as the men's body chain, recently spotted on the Cottweiler Spring/Summer 2019 men's shows. A singular neo-jewel that fascinates as much as it frightens. The whole thing is whether or not you are ready to take the plunge?

Men's body chain: a trend not to be missed

While it was wrongly thought to be reserved only for women, the Cottweiler house proves to us this season that men can also afford to wear the body chain without it tainting their virility. On the contrary, well worn, this it-accessory can become an unstoppable weapon of seduction. Although others will probably say otherwise, that's certainly what we can take away from the last London Fashion Week.

The body chain is therefore making a most noticeable entry into the jewellery for men department. And intends to become a fashion statement for this summer season. Moreover, the most passionate fashionistas did not take long to adopt this must-have. Indeed, on Instagram or on Pinterest, many are those who are not afraid to display their exceptional jewelry. So, whether it's outrageously adorned with a lotus flower or slender harness in 18 K yellow gold, if you're a fan of trendy styles and a bit daring, this is THE jewel masculine that should not be forgotten under any circumstances.

Style lesson: the art of wearing the men's body chain

Even if we don't always validate the clothing style of the fashion show models, we have to admit that when it comes to the men's body chain, they are the models to copy. Like them, dare to wear your body chain near the skin with a shirt or a high-cut t-shirt for a terribly sexy effect.

Or why not, bare-chested to model on the catwalks while revealing your resolutely masculine asset. However, to give style to your outfits, there are still some basic rules to follow.

Finding the right balance: outfit / men's jewelry

First, don't overdo it! Although originality is a good thing, we must not forget that the main goal is still to be trendy and stylish. So, no more clothing, nothing beats good basics to show off your accessory. In addition, it is above all made to pimp your outfits and boost your silhouette. Remember: "less is more" is the fashion man's favorite adage.

Next, pay attention to the mix and match. Do not forget that your body chain must be the strong element of your look or in other words the statement piece of your outfit. Moreover, although it goes easily with other types of accessories, it is she who must attract the eye first. To do this, do not hesitate to mix it with simple jewelry that does not attract too much attention. A cord bracelet or a fine braided leather bracelet will be an excellent choice.

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