Ces célébrités qui portent des bracelets homme

These celebrities who wear men's bracelets

If you're still hesitating about taking the men's bracelet step, many celebrities have already made up their minds. And this regardless of the medium, from music to football to the arts and cinema.

Stars love bracelets

While it took atime for some to succumb to temptation, others began a long time ago. An artist like Lenny Kravitz has never been shy when it comes to men's jewelry. Ringo Starr, drummer of the Beatles, is also a big fan. It is not uncommon to see him wearing many necklaces, rings or even bracelets. Music is certainly a favorable universe for jewellery for men, singers and musicians taking care of their melodies as much as their look. People like Nas and Jay Z often show off with men's jewelry.

Men's football bracelets

Proof that the men's bracelet is in the process of gaining its letters of nobility, we see it appear in circles where we least expected it. If it is difficult to feign astonishment in certain countries where footballers like to take care of their look, football fans were able to observe during the World Cup that the coach of the England team, Gareth Southgate , is a big supporter of the wristband.

As he gave instructions from the bench to his players who ended up reaching the semi-finals, we could observe throughout the tournament several models on his wrist… including a Monica Vinader , whose sales have been multiplied by 3.5 thanks to the coach of the 3 lions team. Some have even considered it a lucky charm given the unusually good performance of the England team...

How to choose your bracelet?

To choose your first bracelet, don't look for noon to 2 p.m. The safest choice is to favor simplicity. Opt for a simple bracelet that matches your usual clothing style. If you wear the costume most often, a bangle bracelet will be perfect. Or possibly a model in leather. For a classic, casual look like jeans and a shirt or sweater, almost everything is suitable, from a pearl bracelet to a fabric bracelet, including models in leather. The brown has the advantage of going with almost everything.

If you plan to wear your bracelet regularly, it is better to opt for a quality model. Be careful, quality men's bracelet does not mean having to pay crazy sums. Of course, there is a minimum, if you buy a leather strap for a few euros the quality cannot be there. Bijoux4Men offers you a selection of quality jewelry at affordable prices, so you can dress your wrist without breaking the bank.

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