Bracelets homme perle : focus sur les bijoux Azuro Republic

Men's pearl bracelets: focus on jewelry Azuro Republic

While men looking for elegant jewelry often set their sights on a bangle bracelet, there are many other options on the market. For those gentlemen who do not wish to wear a metallic men's bracelet, or who do not appreciate the rigidity of the bangle, solutions are available to you. In particular certain models of superior quality pearl men's bracelets. Today, we invite you to discover the Azuro Republic pearl bracelets for men.

Bracelet perle homme Azuro Republic

Azuro Republic: the brand's pearl men's bracelets

Bijoux4Men does not market this brand. But we have similar models that you can check out below. Azuro Republic men's bracelets are clearly luxury products. Just look at the quality of the box they come in to be convinced. As well as product, of course.

It's similar to the experience one gets when buying a watch from a prestigious watchmaker. The box is covered in high-quality leather, with the brand logo delicately printed on it.

Delicately polished stones

Inside is a men's bead bracelet made mainly of stone balls. It can be obsidian for the bblack pearl bracelets, or other stones for more colorful models. These include lapis lazuli, jasper, tiger's eye, black azurite, white turquoise, white jade, classic turquoise, etc.

To break up the monotony and add a touch of sophistication, 3 balls in silver/enamel or gold/enamel adorn the design. These 3 balls feature either plant motifs with the Azuro logo, or these motifs are found on 2 balls while the central piece is printed with the name of the house. The dragon bracelets use the mythical creature to fill the silver balls.

Price of these men's pearl bracelets

The entry-level model starts at $119, while the most expensive straps go up to $239.

About Azuro Republic

Azuro Republic is a brand created by artisans (the name Azuro was composed by taking the first letter of the first name of each of them, while Republic represents mutual respect and understanding of 'other). The house proposes to merge artisanal know-how with contemporary fashion. Azuro boasts of a long experience in selecting and working semi-precious stones. She uses 18 methods to highlight them in order to create quality pearl bracelets. Gold and silver are also used in the composition of these men's jewelry, as they symbolize wealth and power.

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