Bracelets homme : leur succès est une aubaine pour les bijoutiers de la planète

Men's bracelets: their success is a boon for jewelers around the world

The era in which jewelery was almost exclusively aimed at a female audience, with a few exceptions such as watches, wedding bands and cufflinks, is coming to an end. Even luxury jewelers are increasingly focusing their collections on other products, such as the men's bracelet. Whether in the United States, France or countries like Kenya.

As this article from Business Daily Africa explains:

Men's bracelets are no longer seen as playboy accessories. Forget the old-fashioned or kitsch models, there are now many quality bracelets, which sometimes cost more than a watch.

Most of the bracelets by Iver Rosenkrantz, a jeweler in Nairobi, were aimed at a female audience. But, today, he has decided to target a male audience. He said: "It's no secret that women make up 90% of jewelry buyers, and the remaining 10% of men buy either for a woman, or more rarely for themselves. But we now offer very attractive men's bracelets that should appeal to them."

Silver and gold bangle bracelet

He notably offers for these gentlemen a bracelet in 14 carat rose gold, handcrafted, and whose texture is reminiscent of the skin of an elephant. This is the most high-end piece in his collection. Depending on the size, this men's bracelet can contain 60 to 80 g of pure gold. This bracelet is embellished with sapphires set at both ends of the jewel.

Alongside the gold bracelets, it also offers more affordable versions in silver, notably in the Jotto collection. "These are really bracelets that I really appreciate, because they are very masculine, luxurious. They allow any gentleman to step out of the fray."

Kilimanjaro lava bead bracelet

Among the other atypical bracelets offered by the jeweler, there is this men's pearl bracelet made from hardened and polished pieces of lava from Mount Kilimanjaro. This model is accompanied by silver or gold.

"Not only is lava a mineral that is good to wear, because it emits soothing energy, it allows the person wearing such a bracelet to be more focused, which is a significant plus in the world we live in. But this men's bracelet also has a very cool rustic look," said this jeweler who likes to free himself from codes.

The journalist who interviewed him noticed that if his interlocutor was wearing 2 bracelets, there were no traces of the most expensive models he sells. In a joking tone, he said he couldn't afford to buy such jewelry.

I'm more of an adventurer than a jeweler. Precious stones are therefore a passion that allows me to satisfy my taste for adventure, since they are found in exotic destinations, for example Africa, ” he said.

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