Bracelets homme : le guide du bracelet en cuir

Men's bracelets: the leather bracelet guide

Are you looking for a men's leather bracelet ? Are you wondering which model to choose, which one will fit your wrist best? Know that you are not the only one to ask yourself this question: for a few years, the leather bracelet is in fashion.

While it is always difficult to understand a trend, the men's leather bracelet is probably popular with these gents because of its masculinity. In addition, leather is a material that is both noble and rock 'n' roll.

If you're here, you may have seen a leather bracelet on a friend's arm. Or you are looking for an accessory to refine your look. Regardless, we hope this article answers your questions.

All you need to know about men's leather straps

It is a fact that there are a multitude of leather bracelets, of all kinds. And if there's one thing you need to know, it's that a men's bracelet can be intrinsically beautiful, but not necessarily suit you. This is why it must be chosen carefully. In this article we will cover:

  • The characteristics of leather
  • The history of the leather strap
  • Colors and their meaning
  • The different types of men's leather bracelets
  • How to choose it according to your wrist size
  • How to care for a leather strap

As you know, leather is simply the skin of an animal that has undergone a specific treatment process. It is assumed that leather comes from cows, but there are many varieties depending on the animal. As for the leather straps, they are overwhelmingly cowhide, although you can find models in crocodile skin, etc.

The use of animal skins by humans dates back to the Paleolithic period. It would be in the Neolithic period that man would have discovered the technique for transforming animal skins into leather, namely tanning.

The first leather bracelets date back to antiquity, although it is difficult to date their appearance precisely. Archaeologists have found them among the ancient Egyptians, in particular to display the status of their carriers. Tutankhamun's mummy notably wore a leather bracelet. Soldiers in the ancient Roman and Greek armies also wore leather bracelets, which identified their rank. Today you can find on the market leather bracelets with an antique look, which are reminiscent of gladiators.

Leather strap and color meaning

Even if there are exceptions with colored leathers, most men's leather bracelets use their natural color, brown, possibly black. Here are the meanings of these colors:

  • Brown leather bracelet: calm, practicality, union with nature, robustness
  • Black Leather Bracelet: Strength, Power, Mystery, Sophistication and Domination
  • Dark green leather bracelet: warmth, serenity, closeness to nature

Types of leather bracelets for men

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are the major types of men's leather bracelets on the market:

  • Simple leather strap : A simple strap, one big centimeter wide. Easy to wear by the greatest number.
  • Multi-Link Leather Strap: This leather strap is made up of a multitude of thin leather straps.
  • Braided Leather Strap: As the name suggests, the leather is braided. The braid may be thicker or thinner depending on the model, single or multiple
  • Leather Cuff Bracelet: A wide leather bracelet that best suits big arms
  • Spartan Leather Bracelet (Multiple Wraps): For a chunky, cuff-style bracelet
  • Men's leather and pearl bracelet: mix of genres with layer(s) in leather and pearls

How to choose your men's bracelet?

Choosing a men's leather bracelet is above all a matter of taste, that's for sure. But it is important to take into account the size of your wrist in order to filter the models that will suit you.

  • Wrist thin: if you have a small wrist, you should focus on smaller models. Indeed, nothing more bizarre than an imposing leather cuff bracelet on a small wrist, it unfortunately does not work. This means a simple or multi-link men's leather bracelet, possibly a Spartan, as well as all fine models.
  • Normal Wrist : If you have a normal sized wrist, you're in luck. This means that almost everything will fit you, from the thin bracelet to the cuff.
  • Big wrist : if you have a big wrist you should avoid bracelets that are too thin. If you like cuffs, these will fit you like a glove.

You got it, whatever the size of your wrist, the secret is to respect the proportions.

How do you care for your leather strap?

Leather is a living material. So that you can enjoy your men's bracelet for as long as possible, it must therefore be maintained, especially if you wear it often. Indeed, in contact with your wrist the leather will store body fluids and bacteria, which can cause bad odors.

Before discussing the question of maintenance, a clarification: you should never wear your bracelet when you take your shower, take a bath, practice swimming, etc. When immersed in water, leather shrinks and loses approximately 20% of its flexibility.

To clean the leather, start by gently rubbing it with a piece of dry cotton. Using a piece of cotton soaked in lukewarm water and on which you have placed a few drops of moisturizing soap or vinegar, clean the bracelet from the center to the ends in light circular movements. Rinse with a damp cloth. Tap your bracelet with paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible, then let it dry in the air, but away from direct sunlight.

You can also apply a specific product sold on the market to preserve the leather of your strap.

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