Bracelet wrap homme : comment les fabriquer ou les acheter

Men's wrap bracelet: how to make or buy them

Are you seduced by men's wrap bracelets ? Whether you are looking for a tutorial to learn how to make a wrap bracelet, or simply want to buy such a men's jewellery at a good price, you have come to the right place. address. After reading this article, you will become knowledgeable about the history of the men's wrap bracelet, the manufacturing process, the different materials used as well as the variations of this popular bracelet.

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What is the wrap bracelet?

A wrap bracelet is a piece of jewelry made up of cords between which you attach pearls, stones, crystals, silver nuggets... In short, everything you 'we want. This type of bracelet with a resolutely bohemian flavor was popularized by Chan Luu. Today, this style of unisex jewelry remains very popular. Whether it's for people looking for ready-to-wear pieces, or for people whose craftsmanship is their passion.

The wrap bracelet can be simple (2 cords and a row of pearls) or in several layers to form a sort of cuff bracelet. While the design of the wrap is still based on these layers of cords/beads, the variety of materials means that this type of jewelry offers an infinite number of combinations (color of the cord, materials of the beads and stones, size of the beads , colors, number of layers of the bracelet, etc). It is therefore particularly suitable for home jewelry making.

How to make a wrap bracelet: the necessary

Making a wrap bracelet is not very complicated. You just need a good dose of patience and meticulousness. The first step is to gather the necessary materials:

  • The cord (usually made of leather, 2 mm in diameter, but it can also be made of fabric)
  • beads and drilled stones (4 mm in diameter is a popular size)
  • Sewing kit (nylon thread, needle, scissors, etc.)
  • A button (if possible with a loop at the back, those with holes are less suitable)

While there are stores specializing in DIY, the easiest way to obtain the raw materials needed to make a wrap bracelet is on the Internet. Creavea, Amazon, La Petite Epicerie, 123 creations… There's no shortage of options. In these online shops you will find a wide range of beads, leather cord, etc.

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Wrap bracelet tutorials (video)

Now here is a step-by-step tutorial for making a wrap bracelet:

  1. Choice of length: take the cord and wrap around your wrist as many times as desired. Double this length and add about ten centimeters for the knot of the button
  2. Inserting the button: slide the button into the cord until its center in order to obtain 2 equal lengths after folding it in 2
  3. Fixing the first bead : with the nylon thread, form an 8 between the 2 ends of cord and attach the bead. Don't be afraid to reinforce the attachment of this first bead, which must be as close as possible to the button. Make several turns of the cord to ensure the strength of the bracelet
  4. Fixing the following beads: then simply chain the attachment of the other beads by passing alternately from above and below the cord. This is relatively quick, but still be careful to tighten the beads evenly. Otherwise the bracelet may be slightly deformed
  5. Finishing the wrap bracelet : when you have reached the desired length, go around the cords several times with the nylon thread to secure everything well. You can if you wish reinforce the knot with nail polish. Then just make a last knot with the cords, and you're done.

An image speaks louder than a long speech. Even more video! You will find dozens of well-made wrap bracelet tutorials videos on YouTube. Here is an example of a tutorial that should allow you to make your wrap bracelet, quickly and easily:

The different types of wrap bracelets: beads, double wrap, etc.

As we explained at the beginning of the article, there are as many wrap bracelets as there are creativity in the human brain. The basic model goes around the wrist once, but you can extend the length of the bracelet to go around it several times. If the wrap bracelet has 2 rows of beads, it is called double wrap. 3 rows, of triple wrap, etc. There is no limit to the number of rows of beads. Some models line up so many that they fall into the category of men's cuff bracelets.

The pearl wrap bracelet is popular. But to tell the truth, this term pearl is generic, you can find any material on this type of jewellery: stone, wood, onyx, pearls of glass, lava stone, horn, metal balls, etc.

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