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Tibetan men's bracelet: when fashion meets spirituality

The fashion of the Tibetan bracelet for men has not escaped your attention: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ashton Kuchter, Mickael Jordan or Boris Becker : they all succumb to it! Find out why the Tibetan bracelet is a hit...

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For trendsetters and stylists, these bracelets have quickly become one of the hottest trends in men's jewelry. Within months, wrist beads became popular thanks to celebrities and their fans.

Initially, fashion arrived thanks to the Tibetan jewelry brand Shamballa. The first bracelet is said to have been created at the request of rapper Jay Z. Between 2.000 and 60.000 euros a piece, it's the accessory that the stars are snapping up.

But why do people love this men's bracelet?

For the style, no doubt! The look of a Tibetan bracelet is sleek, simple, far from the bling bling trend that has had its day. But it is perhaps also on the philosophy side that we should look... These men's bracelets are inspired by the ancient traditions of Buddhism and meditation.

The meaning of the Shamballa bracelet

These accessories are inspired by the Tibetan "mala bracelet" with its round beads, used for meditation. This bead bracelet is the symbol of enlightenment, which for Tibetans symbolizes breaking away from material concerns and worldly obligations.

Back to basics: we understand that the stars are fond of it!

Each bead is said to represent the wearer's sacred journey, down the road of caring for others: thoughtfulness, diligence, joy, tranquility, focus, and balance.Others claim that each bead on a Tibetan bracelet should have its own meaning, given by those who wear them.A bead can thus represent a stage in your life, a lesson you learned, a person you love, or an event you never want to forget.

The different models of bracelets from Tibet

If, unlike Kanye West, you don't want to invest 60,000 euros in this piece of jewelry, you will find what you are looking for at Bijoux 4 Men, the men's jewelry store specializing in style and quality.

A basic: the STUMP model

For less than 20€, you can treat yourself to an adjustable Tibetan bracelet, in braided thread, adorned with matte beads. This original accessory will remind you of the fundamental values ​​of existence; love, help, wisdom, and patience.

Men's shamballa in shiny pearls

The brilliance is found in rhinestone beads, silver metal or magnetite. It is an ideal accessory to enhance an outfit that is a little dull or too serious.

The Tibetan Skull

When Tibetan mediation and rock spirit collide! We love the color variations of the Day of Dead / Dia de Los Muertos spirit bracelet: in red, blue, white and black, completely in the colors of the moment.

Where to buy these Tibetan bracelets?

On Bijoux4Men, of course! We offer a beautiful collection of men's fashion accessories, which we renew to the rhythm of trends.

Find all our models of Men's Tibetan bracelets by clicking on the previous link.

And if you have time to wander around, be sure to check out our other sections! You will be able to discover a whole range of men's jewelry more classic: bracelets in 925 silver and leather, necklaces and men's pendants, and designer jewelry at low prices .

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