Bracelet tennis homme : la dernière nouveauté des bijoux homme

Men's tennis bracelet: the latest in men's jewelry

The tennis bracelet, a flexible piece of jewelry whose classic model is encrusted with diamonds or other stones, is entering the world of men's jewelry . This is a new trend that could very well gain traction as unisex takes hold more and more in the jewelry world.

When fashion is inspired by the other gender

It's not just women who draw their fashion inspiration from the other side of the fence. Yes, there are women who like to wear men's hats, a tie, etc. The pants were adopted a very long time ago. But it also works the other way around.

From the Renaissance to the 18th century, it was common for men to wear very sophisticated things, especially with embroidery, lace, etc. There were even high-heeled shoes for gentlemen! In terms of jewelry, it was also opulent with gold earrings, pearl necklaces, etc.

Then the men's attire became more mellowed. With the exception of the originals, sobriety was in order. It's changing. In particular, we are seeing men again wearing pearl jewelry. And now it's the turn of the men's tennis bracelet to enrich an ever-expanding range of men's jewelry.

Why the men's tennis bracelet?

The Men Style Fashion website is convinced that the men's tennis bracelet will become trendy. First of all, bracelets are the most popular male jewellery. men's necklaces are still in demand, but they aren't as popular as they were in the 80s or 90s. of the male body which is adorned with a jewel. It is most often a single bracelet, even if there are followers of stacking.

Who says tennis bracelet says diamond (or an ersatz, of course). And given that more and more men are wearing diamonds, everything suggests that the men's tennis bracelet has a bright future ahead of it.

Plus, a tennis bracelet matches any outfit. Whether it's a simple jeans T-shirt or a suit. For men who pay attention to their virility, the black diamond tennis bracelet is an ideal alternative. There are also models with colored stones, for a slightly more playful style.

What style of men's bracelet?

As for the men's version, the tennis bracelet is more massive. Respecting the proportions is important to wear a jewel well. You will therefore have to take into account your morphology to choose the size of your bracelet. Unless you have a really thin wrist, it is essential to turn to a men's tennis bracelet whose measurements correspond to the male size.

While white gold or silver is the norm when it comes to the tennis bracelet, there are also variations in yellow gold and rose gold. Such choices can be appropriate if your wardrobe is filled with lots of olive green, orange or brown clothes when it comes to yellow gold. Mauve, lavender or pink when it comes to rose gold.

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