Patong men's bracelet, a style, a touch of exoticism

Gentlemen, display a singular originality by wearing a Patong bracelet on your wrist. This style of men's bracelet which comes to us from Thailand has a knack for adapting to all styles of clothing. Whatever your look, he will know how to sublimate it: classic, casual chic, BCBG, casual... Want to be trendy? You know what you have to do.

Be on trend with the Patong Thai Bracelet

A real weapon of seduction, the Thai bracelet Patong adds a refined and contemporary touch to any outfit. At the beach, it is essential for style. In town, it will draw the eye to your wrist. And for good reason ! It has a stunning design. A bracelet set with silver beads in braided fabric, and in a sober all-purpose color. Wow! It is simply sublime. In the evening, it will break up the chic side in an elegant way.

To stand out, play with contrast. With a dark-colored bracelet, wear a light top. You can also match colors. Sensational effect guaranteed!

A Patong, a handcrafted men's bracelet that will accompany you for many years

It is neither time nor wear that will alter the beauty of Patong. Moreover, he is not afraid of water. And for good reason ! It is made of cotton wax, a cotton textile that has received a polish on both sides which makes the Patong hydrophobic. In addition, this traditional Thai bracelet will acquire a patina over time. The more time passes, the more your men's jewelry gains in beauty and shine. Something to be stylish for several years.

A traditional Thai bracelet for a modern man

The Patong is an eye-catching bracelet, there's no doubt about it. The braided cotton seems simple, but the silver beads that adorn it add an extraordinary refinement. A jewel to wear every day to be in tune with the times. Timeless, this Thai bracelet denotes a certain finesse and assertive elegance. Want to mark the occasion with your other half? Give your loved one a Patong Thai bracelet. He will be thrilled.

The Patong, a bracelet suitable for all men's wrists

One of the particularities of the Patong Thai bracelet is its adaptability (it can go from 17 to 21 cm in length in a jiffy). Indeed, it is an adjustable bracelet thanks to a sliding knot. Small or large wrist, don't miss it! It will adjust to the morphology of your wrist without worry.

You will understand, the Patong bracelet is the accessory that will enhance your outfit in a snap.

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