Bracelet nœud coulissant : focus sur ce bijou homme

Sliding knot bracelet: focus on this men's jewel

The popularity of the men's bracelet means that we now have a rich offer of models of all kinds. Forget about 80s-style men's jewelry. Today there are beautiful pieces suitable for all occasions. For everyday wear with a casual outfit, for the office or more formal events that require you to be on your 31 dress. Today we are going to tell you about the sliding bracelet.

The different types of sliding bracelets, how to make one (particularly detailing sliding knot techniques), video tutorials, or quite simply suggestions for buying a sliding knot bracelet: here is the program.

What is a sliding bracelet?

As its name suggests, the sliding bracelet is a model of jewelry that allows you to adjust its size thanks to a sliding system that can vary from one model to another. It can be a system with sliding knot, or a ball through which you pass the 2 ends of the sliding bracelet in order to adjust it as you wish. The common denominator of this model lies in the possibility of sliding the bracelet, regardless of the device.

The advantage of the sliding bracelet is clear: in one size mode, it adapts to all wrists. You can therefore buy a sliding bracelet online with complete peace of mind. Being certain that it will be his size. That said, when you buy men's jewelery on Bijoux4Men you are always protected by our money-back guarantee. So there is no problem when you get the wrong size, or even model. It is always possible to exchange your men's bracelet, or simply return it.

How to tie a sliding knot for a bracelet?

There are several types of sliding knots, whether for a single or double cord bracelet. Regardless of the model, the bracelet sliding knot actually consists of 2 knots (one for each cord, which attaches to the other for the double, or 2 knots on the same cord for the single ). Here is the procedure:

  • Wrap the second cord twice on the first
  • Tie a simple knot with the second cord by passing it through the loops (to secure it to the first)
  • Wrap the first cord twice on the second
  • Tie a simple knot by passing it through the loops with the first cord (to secure it to the second)

For a simple bead, the technique is somewhat similar:

  • Put the 2 ends of cord parallel, side by side
  • With one of the 2 ends, make a loop
  • With the same piece as the one used to make the loop, pass through it 3 times in order to complete 3 turns
  • Then you have to adjust the order of the loops. Put the first last. Then the first (which was the 2nd before the previous manipulation) in second position
  • Tighten the knot (but not too much) by pulling on the short end of the cord
  • Cut the excess cord coming out of the knot
  • Repeat the operation a second time on the other side

Video tutorials to make a sliding bracelet

If you are more visual, here is a video tutorial that explains all the steps to make a sliding bracelet easily:

Buy a sliding knot bracelet

Not the creative or DIY type? No problem, all you have to do is buy a sliding knot bracelet on the Bijoux4Men website, the specialist in men's jewelery on the Internet in France. Sliding sport bracelet, men's sliding handcuff bracelets, ethnic bracelet with sliding clasp or the model shown, a Henkö bracelet with a silver-plated brass motif is set with 3 onyx on Drawstring: We offer you various attractive models, at prices that are just as attractive.

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