Bracelet homme mode et tendances 2021

Fashion and trend men's bracelet 2021

Since entering the men's wardrobe, men's jewelry has been constantly reinventing itself. Indeed, each season sees a new trend of intriguing jewelry with a bold and avant-garde design. As for men's bracelets, this year nevertheless gives pride of place to timeless jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. Spotlight on the men's bracelets in 2021 fashion and trends that will punctuate the year.

Ethnic bracelet: for an exotic touch

Already in vogue for a few seasons, the tribal bracelet or ethnic continues to make a name for itself and impose itself on trendy and style-conscious men like an it. Even on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows. And we understand why! Imbued with Indian, African, Polynesian, Amerindian or Celtic tradition, it is the ideal accessory to twist your look in all circumstances. Moreover, if the tribal bracelet is THE costume jewel of the moment on the catwalks, among celebrities and fashion designers, it is because this it-piece has the gift of bringing that little something that gives the masculine look a very special aura.

Charm Bracelet: A Fashion Essential

If we no longer present the craze for the fetish accessories of the 90's, it is the charm bracelet that is making a comeback in the jewelry trends for 2021 and s displayed on the wrists of the trendiest men. David Beckham, Chris Heimsworth, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jaden Smith..., all succumbed to the charms of these charms that are attached to the end of a thin bracelet or a cord bracelet. It must also be said that with their endless combinations, bracelets with charms allow you to personalize a look according to your desires and moods. There's nothing like creating a look that's uniquely yours!

Chain bracelet: the safe bet of the season

If there's one timeless piece that never goes out of style, it's the chain bracelet. Composed of intertwined links (figaro, ringlet, horse, rope, coffee bean or rice grain, etc.), this accessory has thus established itself as the jewelry obsession of 2021 and a must-have to shop for a fashionable and trendy look this season. Cherry on the cake ! The chain bracelet lends itself to all outfits and all occasions. A tuxedo, a simple T-shirt, a thin turtleneck... So many possibilities to dress your wrist with a chain bracelet. But, on one condition: limit yourself to a single men's bracelet if you opt for a wide and thick chain so as not to overload your outfit.

Skull Bracelet: The Unstoppable

With the revival of the seventies, eighties and nineties, the skull bracelet remains and is establishing itself as the big trend of the moment. What is therefore certain in 2021 is that fashion addicts have no chance of resisting the charm of a skull and crossbones bracelet that exudes virility. Indeed, men's jewelry par excellence, men's bracelets adorned with a skull are the jewels not to be missed to add a good dose of testosterone to your outfits.

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