Bracelet homme : le cadeau Fête des Pères approuvé par le prince Harry !

Men's Bracelet: The Prince Harry Approved Father's Day Gift!

Thanks to the stylistic inspiration brought to us by new dad Prince Harry, men's jewelry is now officially a Father's Day gift option. In early May, as the Duke of Sussex introduced his 2-day-old son Archie, it was hard not to spot the pearl bracelet and silver bangle bracelet he wore at wrist. Even if it means overshadowing Meghan Markle, or even Windsor Castle.

These men's bracelets that slightly protruded from his light gray suit jacket were not only appropriate and elegant, but also had sentimental value: he had bought this silver bangle shortly after the tragic disappearance of Princess Diana.

This kind of bracelet can be worn with any outfit, by any man's personality. This is an original gift that is fashionable. But that's not all. The masculine pearl or bangle bracelet is trendy, but it is also a safe bet in the male wardrobe. In right now, it will still be so elegant in a few years.

If your dad loves watches, he'll have no problem getting into a men's bracelet. With the necklace, it is the most versatile jewelry for men.

les bracelets du prince Harry

Prince Harry, a longtime fan of men's bracelets

Some would say that Prince Harry has been particularly attentive to his appearance since he met his wife. But if there is something he has loved for a long time, it is men's bracelets. He has been wearing this silver bracelet since at least 2001. He had bought this bracelet during a trip to Africa, shortly after the death of his mother. In 2017, he said about it: " The first time I came to Africa was in 1997, just after the death of my mother. My dad had told us, with my brother, to pack our bags, that we were going to Africa in order to try to forget all this." It was on this occasion that Harry and his brother would have bought this silver bracelet traditional.

Since then, we can see this silver bracelet on Harry's wrist. He wore it in particular on the occasion of his wedding, when he went to a reception. Since then, it has been rumored that Harry has added to his collection of traditional African bracelets since that first purchase. The prince is often seen wearing bangles or pearl bracelets.

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Photo credit Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia - Prince Harry, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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