Bracelet homme coloré : la brèche ouverte par Dior

Colorful men's bracelet: the breach opened by Dior

During the first decade of this millennium, massive men's bracelets made of silver were popular. The bangle then gained traction, as did the pearl bracelets. If the men's bracelet has undergone several evolutions, it remained mostly confined to neutral tones.

There was one exception, though: colorful bracelets that you could buy for a charitable cause. However, if the gesture is more than commendable, at the level of style it will be necessary to go back. Unless you want to look like those festival-goers who wear their bracelet weeks and weeks after the end of the event...

The embellished men's bracelet, the next trend?

But that could very well change thanks to Kim Jones. The artistic director of Dior, who decided to entrust Ambush's Yoon Ahn with the styling of the brand's jewelry, is in the process of adding color to the brand's men's bracelets.

These Dior bracelets may be very colorful, but they are not flashy. These jewelry for men are both elegant, light and refined. As proof, the Dior tennis bracelet designed by Ahn for the spring 2019 collection. Do you think this men's bracelet is too delicate? This is not the right state of mind. This kind of bracelet is based on touches of class and sophistication, qualities that the Japanese bourgeoisie of the 17th century called iki.

This kind of men's bracelet, appearing furtively from the sleeve of a black cashmere sweater or a white rhinestone and sequined shirt, gives a resolutely modern look.

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