Bracelet et jonc onyx homme : histoire, signification, achat en ligne

Men's onyx bracelet and bangle: history, meaning, online purchase

The onyx stone has been used since time immemorial, especially for making jewelry. Available in many colors, onyx is believed to promote valor. But it is also and above all a very attractive stone that fits perfectly into a men's onyx bracelet or on a ring.

What is onyx stone?

Onyx stone is a variant of agate. Since Antiquity, this stone was very popular, especially for making cameos, but also jewelry (bracelets, necklaces with cabochon pendants, etc. .). It was also highly regarded as an ornamental stone and decorative object. This is still the case today.

Usually, onyx stone is black or white. But you can find lots of shades that go all the way to bright red (light brown, dark brown, etc.). Some varieties of onyx stone even display colors ranging from white to dark blue (we then speak of onyx nicolo). In the end, we can find onyx stones of all imaginable colors (yellow, purple, orange, etc.).

As part of men's jewelry, the onyx stone is worked to form beads that can be placed on a shamballa bracelet, a pearl bracelet, or Tibetan bracelets , etc.

There are also onyx bangle bracelets, or even sliding knot bracelets. The body of the bracelet is made of metal (silver, steel, etc.) for bangles, cord for sliding bracelets. It is encrusted with onyx inserts of variable shape depending on the model. Depending on the work of the stone, it can be matt or shiny. The men's onyx bracelets can use these 2 variants.

The history of onyx stone jewelry

Since antiquity, onyx stone and its variants (including sardonyx, which is a mixture of onyx and sard) have been very popular in the manufacture of decorative objects and jewelry. Pliny the Elder described the different types of onyx, as well as methods of artificial treatment in his book Naturalis Historia. The Bible includes many references to onyx.

The Romans used a sardonyx engraved with the image of their god of war, Mars, as an amulet. This onyx stone was believed to promote the bravery of Roman soldiers in battle. During the Renaissance, notables wore an onyx on their person to improve their eloquence. The Persians thought that the onyx stone could prevent epileptic seizures. Midwives in Britain also used onyx stones placed between the breasts of expectant mothers to soothe the pain of childbirth.

In Egypt, onyx was used to make bowls and other pottery-like objects.

Imitations of onyx

It is not uncommon for onyx jewelry to actually use imitations of this stone. Especially calcite, which can pass for onyx once polished. It is also possible to create artificial onyx from agate or chalcedony. These techniques were notably described by Pliny the Elder. Genuine onyx can be found all over the world: in China, North and South America, Eastern Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, etc.

What is the meaning and use of onyx stone jewelry?

In lithotherapy, it is said that the onyx stone is a faithful ally for getting rid of toxic emotions, mainly fear. It is for this purpose that the Romans used it: soldiers who went into battle carried an onyx on them to increase their courage.

For South and North American civilizations, onyx symbolized initiation and change. After all, it is by overcoming your fears that you move from the stage of a child to an adult. We therefore find, with regard to onyx, points of convergence between the beliefs of the Old and the New World.

Onyx is considered a mysterious stone, which regenerates energy after dark. Rid of our fears, we are able to go to the depths of our soul and reveal our true personality. It makes it possible to eliminate doubts, to ignore the judgment of others in order to be more authentic.

Onyx jewelry is also said to absorb and transform negative energies. An onyx bracelet would therefore be useful in promoting the physical and emotional vigor of its wearer. Especially during times of stress, emotional pain, etc. In short, an onyx bracelet provides protection, inner peace and decompression.

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