Bracelet en bois : signification

Wooden Bracelet: Meaning

The wooden bead bracelet can have many meanings. They depend on its origin, the color of the wooden beads, the species... The men's wooden bracelet is a piece of jewelery that is currently very fashionable. In today's article, we invite you to discover the meaning of the wooden bracelet.

Types of men's wooden bracelets

The different types of men's wooden bracelets that can be found are countless. This is explained by the fact that this jewel has multiple origins. It is found in the traditional societies of the East, North America, Europe, etc. It is therefore a very eclectic ethnic accessory likely to represent many styles and personalities, to have its own meaning.

Meaning of the wooden men's bracelet

As you will understand, the meaning of a wooden men's bracelet depends on its origin. But also the type of wooden beads that is used, its color, etc. So, let's go through each pattern and look into what it means.

Men's wooden boho bracelets

Boho bracelets use wooden beads to create jewelry that inspires freedom, independence, youth and creativity. This meaning is the only criterion for a men's boho bracelet, which is likely to come in many variations to fully materialize this thirst for freedom. However, they almost all share one characteristic, namely being colorful and being strongly inspired by ethnic jewelry.

Meaning of Buddhist Male Wooden Bead Bracelet

Buddhist wooden bracelets are known by many terms. We can talk about Buddha bracelets, mala bracelets, yoga bracelets, etc. All these names characterize the same jewel, namely a bracelet made of more or less massive wooden beads which can be embellished with a small decorative element.

To fully understand the meaning of a male mala bead bracelet, we must begin by insisting on the fact that the number of beads is not a matter of chance. Since it's a spiritual jewel, you have to follow certain rules when it comes to numbers. A Buddhist bracelet cannot have more than 108 beads. Usually it has 18, 21 or 27. Another allowed number is 54. A genuine Buddhist bracelet does not use stones.

On the other hand, he can display motifs that only accentuate his meaning, for example lotus flowers (for meditation, to chase bad thoughts from his mind).

The essence used for the wooden beads is also important in terms of the meaning of the bracelet. Sandalwood has calming and positive health effects. The lotus promotes introspection and longevity. The fish prevents disasters from occurring. Juniper wards off the evil eye.

Wood bead friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are somewhat different, as you usually make them yourself in duplicate to seal your friendship with a loved one. If they have fallen into disuse today, they were nevertheless at the origin of the wave of the men's wooden bead bracelet which is breaking out at the moment.

American Indian wooden bracelet

There are also men's wooden bead bracelets inspired by Amerindian culture. It is most often black pearl bracelets that play the card of sobriety. This simplicity aims to reflect the important spirituality of such an accessory. With the important meaning of the connection of man with the Earth and its nature.

Men's bracelet in African wood beads

The wooden bracelet is a very common traditional accessory on the African continent. He most often uses dark woods, such as ebony. It is not uncommon for the bracelet to be adorned with a semi-precious stone, for example an onyx. This type of ethnic bead bracelet is extremely popular right now. Because in addition to being loaded with meaning, it is also a very elegant piece of men's jewelry.

Fashion has taken precedence over the meaning of these wooden bead bracelets, which are now found on the wrists of many men. Since they are dark, they go beautifully with any outfit.

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