Bracelet homme coloré : affichez votre originalité

Colorful men's bracelet: show your originality

Wearing a colored bracelet when you're a man is a bit daring, isn't it? The answer is definitely no. Even if we are used to seeing a black or brown leather strap, in any case in a sober color on male wrists (except at a music festival or at the beach) it is not uncommon to see men wear colored bracelets in the office or in the street, and the result is sensational. Of course, for it to enhance your look, you should not choose it at random. Want to know more ? Follow the guide.

Men's colorful bracelet: the trend is for a mix of materials

If you're one of those who swears by a black leather strap, the mix of materials will make you happy with colorful jewelry. A bracelet made of black leather and colored fabrics (yellow, blue, green, red...), all finely worked by hand, there is nothing quite like being elegant, while displaying a hint of extravagance. Contrary to what many people think, this type of jewelry can be worn perfectly at work, or during a romantic date. If you wear a sober outfit, the colorful men's bracelet will bring joy to your look, without false note.

More so, it will make you look less serious, but not childish. For more originality, the men's colorful bracelet in leather and fabric can have small pearls. Quite original. The icing on the cake, if you particularly like stacking, this is the opportunity to let go. But, remember the rule, no more than 5 bracelets, and only one wrist. If you wear jewelry on both sides, your look will no longer be unique.

The Brazilian bracelet: a colorful men's bracelet to wear for any occasion

Impossible not to mention the Brazilian bracelet when talking about colored bracelet for men. This trendy piece of jewelery features expertly chosen bright colours, to give character to your most classic or original outfits. The Brazilian bracelet has the gift of marrying with all outfits and adapting to all circumstances. During the day or in the evening, this minimalist jewel will never leave your wrist. Either way, if you want your wish granted, you better not take it off!

Here too, you can play the card of stacking. However, in order not to look like a Christmas tree, combine the colors well. It would be a shame if by wanting to be original, you fall into extravagance. However, it also depends on your age. This truth is therefore not applicable at all times.

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