Men's Brazilian bracelet: the must-have for summer

Beach jewelry par excellence, the Brazilian bracelet is a must-have for any self-respecting fashion addict. Simple, but ultra trendy, this fashion accessory finds its place very well in the male wardrobe. Very popular among surfers and hippies, why deprive your wrist of it?

An all-purpose jewel for men, a symbol of friendship...

Friendship bracelet in English, the Brazilian bracelet is a piece of jewelery originating from South and Central America. Popularized by travelers and globetrotters, this friendship bracelet is a must in the male wardrobe. Indeed, it can be worn in all circumstances, everyday as well as on special occasions. It goes just as well with a casual look as it does with a more chic style. What better way to enhance your wrist with finesse and enhance your outfit!

Ladies, don't you have a gift idea for your significant other? This jewelry for men will do the job perfectly. In fact, there's something for every style (men's pearl bracelet) and every pattern (and every color!). So, it's up to you to find the model that will please your man!

A lucky charm...

In Latin America, the Brazilian bracelet is considered a real lucky charm. Yes, it can bring love and prosperity to anyone who wears it and keeps it on their wrist.

So how does it work? Well, when you have given your bracelet to your companion, he will have to make a wish when you wrap it around his wrist. According to tradition, three knots, which represent health, success and love, must be tied. In addition, the bracelet should never be removed. And for good reason ! The wish will only be granted once the bracelet is completely worn out. Also, it is necessary to wait until it detaches itself.

... and a trendy men's accessory

Adapting to all wrists, the men's Brazilian bracelet is an accessory that is currently all the rage among fans of men's jewellery. Indispensable during the summer season, it will not fail to perfect your outfit.

Of course, it should not be chosen at random. To avoid fashion faux pas, consider its color and thickness. This men's jewellery must actually match the size of your wrist and your look of the moment. For larger wrist sizes, a less imposing model is recommended. Small wrists, bet on a larger model.

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