Bracelet biker : n'importe qui peut porter ce bijou homme

Biker bracelet: anyone can wear this men's jewelry

You might think that only bikers can wear a biker bracelet, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just as the leather jacket is a specificity of motorcycle fans, it is in no way reserved for them. Before the phenomenon of democratization of men's jewelry, bikers were among those categories who had adopted this type of accessory. So it's no wonder this style is popular.

Symbolism of the biker bracelet

How can a men's jewelry be classified as a biker bracelet? When it features symbols and signs that are dear to the biker community. For example:

  • Skull, bone
  • Christian Cross
  • Aztec Gods
  • Animals
  • Celtic patterns

This is not an exhaustive list, of course. The novice might believe that the skull represents the aggressive character attributed to them. But among bikers, this is not the case at all, it has a deep meaning: the skull is like an amulet that protects them from accidents. Death insurance, if you like.

While there are violent groups, bikers are above all a community that cherishes values ​​such as fraternity, honor, loyalty and freedom. By wearing a biker bracelet, not only do you give your wrist a men's accessory that does not go unnoticed, but in a way you declare that you adhere to these values.

Styles of biker bracelets

As we explained in the introduction, a "biker" men's bracelet is placed in this category on the basis of criteria that may change from one person to another. In general, a biker bracelet is heavy, solid, raw. The most frequently used materials are leather, silver and other white metals. Here are the most common biker bracelet styles:

  • The chains : the chain is one of the great classics of biker jewelry. These favor massive and raw models. A small detail representative of the symbolism of the motorcycle world is often present, such as a skull. The chain links can also take very original shapes, most of the time massive and engraved with a typical biker pattern.
  • Men's leather bracelet : we won't tell you anything by writing that for bikers, leather is like a second skin. Almost their entire suit is leather, not to mention the very saddle of their motorcycle. It is therefore not surprising that the leather strap is one of the most popular models among motorcyclists. The bracelet is often lined with iron tips, for an even more raw style. In fact, this style of men's bracelet was inspired by a biker's accessory, namely wrist guards that were lined with iron spikes to protect in the event of a fall.
  • The pearl bracelets: with the men's pearl bracelets, bikers express a less raw side of their personality, namely that they are laid-back people and down to earth. That is to say, far from biker gangs, this kind of biker extends much more the exception than the rule. Most motorcycle enthusiasts are freedom-loving and adventure-loving, are very peaceful people who love life. They are actually much more romantic than the average citizen. Heavy metal culture can obscure this reality. But with a pearl bracelet, whether in stone, bone or wood, they discreetly express this romantic and sensitive side.

Biker jewelry materials

As we mentioned before, leather and metals are the materials that perfectly match the biker culture. But why silver and white metals? Why do you almost never see gold or vermeil biker jewelry? It's simple, almost all the metal parts of a motorcycle are white metal. For the sake of harmony, the same goes for their jewellery. They are therefore most often made of silver or steel.

As for stones, they have their place as long as the style of men's jewelry remains very masculine and raw. Black onyx, amethyst, and even precious stones such as emerald are notably used in biker jewelry.

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