Bland2Glam lance sa première collection de bijoux pour hommes

Bland2Glam launches its first jewelry collection for men

Bland2Glam, one of Nigeria's leading jewellers, has just celebrated its 7th anniversary. On this occasion, the brand decided to launch its very first collection of jewellery for men. In addition to adding women's clothing to its range, the house is making a new start, whereas until now it had been focused on the women's market.

The men's bracelet, the favorite jewel of gentlemen in Africa

If you are wondering what jewelry is most popular with African men, here is the answer: it is the bracelet. That's why Bland2Glam focused on this kind of pieces. You can find a bit of everything there: men's leather bracelets, pearl bracelets and cord bracelets. They are rather unisex, which means that they will be able to seduce the opposite sex very well. Buyers shouldn't be surprised if they can't get their hands on their bracelet. They may have to look for it on their partner's wrist!

A birthday celebrated with great fanfare

A whole series of Nigerian celebrities have been asked to participate in the campaign to celebrate this anniversary. Of course, she highlighted new products from Bland2Glam, such as these men's bracelets. The founder of the brand, starting from nothing, also organized a big exclusive party on Landmark Beach.

Seyi Banigbe, we are talking about him, said of this important stage in the development of the company: "I was constantly told that it was impossible to create a fashion brand able to offer a good balance between quality jewelry and affordable price. I was also told that Nigerians prefer to buy their jewelry overseas. I have always thought that by offering similar quality to that offered by foreign products, but at Nigerian prices, customers will prefer to buy local.

I'm really happy that I pursued my dream. The jewelry brand I started from the trunk of my car has sold over 10,000 pieces of jewelry in Nigeria and abroad. During these 7 years, we have come a long way. We have provided employment for many Nigerians, we have created jewelry that matches the complexion and tastes of our compatriots. Our mission has always been to offer fashion accessories that are both high quality and affordable. »

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