Bijoux unisexes : la nouvelle tendance à ne pas rater

Unisex Jewelry: The New Trend You Can't Miss

Like clothing and hair fashion, jewellery is also becoming unisex. Designed for both men and women, these fashion accessories are becoming more and more trendy. Seen recently on many catwalks, unisex jewellery caused a sensation in the most famous catwalks. Dior, Gucci, Prada., the big names in jewelry swear by this revival of jewelry. Design and daring, these unisex creations reflect the evolution of the world of jewelry, especially luxury.

Unisex jewelry as seen by the big houses

Yes, the great designers think outside the box with their design of jewelry for men as well as for women. Indeed, clothes and haircuts are no longer the only ones to be asexual, jewelry is too. In addition, they are starting to favor mixed shows for the presentation of their collection. Renowned houses have even punctuated their men's parades with this kind of jewelry. These include Gucci and its enormous medallions, bull's head necklaces, orange and pink pearl. Or Dior with its ribbon bracelets and skull brooches.

Words of jewelers

Designers consider it important to merge tastes in color, material and design for the realization of unisex jewellery. Here's why.

According to the Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, it has become natural today for men to wear jewelry. He also states that women are gradually daring to display an androgynous look. This type of accessory thus represents the perfect compromise between these needs. Hence the craze for unisex jewelry.

For Jelena Behrend, a Serbian designer, jewelry can perfectly change your outfit and look. Which prompted her to design unisex pieces in her studio on the Lower East Side of New York. She also points out that women are beginning to appreciate more textures and a matte finish. While men favor shiny and highly polished creations.

Sabine Roemer, for her part, says that it doesn't take much to transform a male or female jewel into a unisex jewel. Also, to transform a pink gold ring into a masculine ring, the London jeweler simply added black diamonds. On the contrary, to convert a round tanzanite ring for men, she only had to soften its sharp lines.

Unisex Jewelry: Jewelry That Goes Back A Long Way

Asexual jewelry was not born today, far from it. In fact, cavemen and cavewomen already adorned themselves at the time with the same jewelry: shell beads. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, aristocrats of both sexes wore similar jewelry to show their status and power. Among the most popular accessories, the signet has been and still is a consensus. In India, Maharajas owned more jewelry than Maharanis. This denotes the importance of unisex jewelry and its political symbolism.

The madness of unisex collections

Currently, there is a real rush to design unisex jewelry. The collections are legion, not to mention those that will soon be released. The cause of this growing enthusiasm? Current purchasing power and the future of Generation Y. Big brands or not, designers pay particular attention to this type of jewelry (men's bracelet and women's, etc.).

Collections already released

Among the asexual jewelry collections that are already available on the market are:

  • " Ursul ", the collection of leather jewelry by designer Alexis Théry
  • " Talisman ", Prada's semi-precious stone jewelry collection
  • " B.Zero1", the famous line of luxury jewelry by Bulgari

Upcoming collections

For the next collections, we can quote:

  • Chopard's 1990s "Ice Cube" collection in the spring
  • The first unisex collection by Giampiero Bodino, a Milanese jeweler, in the fall

Technology: Driving Change

Wallace Chan and Lorenz Bäumer agree that technology has played an important role in the rise of unisex jewelry. According to the Hong Kong and Paris jewelers, 3D printing and artificial intelligence have made it possible to redefine the codes of contemporary jewelry.

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