Les bijoux unisexe Dinh Van

Dinh Van unisex jewelry

Dinh Van began its reputation with off-the-beaten-path jewelry. The famous disk of Pi pendant and the handcuffs bracelet represent this creative audacity of the house. A contagious audacity that will grab you at first sight.

Dinh Van, an exceptional jeweler

Jean Dinh Van cut his teeth at the famous Cartier house. At the age of 20, he drew the models, got to know the materials (gold, silver, precious stones, etc.) and learned how to mount a piece of jewelery on a workbench. His talent didn't take long to emerge. Indeed, very early on, he designed and signed jewelry for Cartier. Then, the house entrusted him with extraordinary commissions such as the famous face-to-hand topped with a tiger for the Duchess of Windsor. Finally, in 1965, after 10 years at Cartier, he launched his own brand, driven by his spirit of independence and his audacious vision of jewellery.

Beauty and originality in the DNA of Dinh Van jewelry

The Dinh Van house has ventured where others dare not go. Avant-garde, anti-conformist, rebellious... she has nothing to do with the codes of traditional jewelry. The house has always favored clean or geometric shapes for timeless jewelry that is easy to wear on a daily basis. Pieces that will appeal to both men and women. Its emblematic handcuffs jewel comes in all forms: bracelet, ring in gold, titanium or silver to delight aficionados of original and elegant jewellery. But the home doesn't stop there. She invented for us the jewel to personalize according to her desire and her taste. Handcuff keychains turn into bracelets if you add cotton or leather cords. The bracelets for men or women are infinitely customizable thanks to cords of different materials and various colors.

Today, unisex jewelery by Dihn Van remains a must-have. The proof with the new collections of the house released in 2009 inspired by designs dating from the 70s. Other models such as the little hearts establish the reputation of the house. Both top models and jewelry lovers immediately fall under the spell of these arty and original jewellery. Even those who rarely wear jewelry are seduced.

For him, for her, Dihn Van jewelry leaves no one indifferent

Bold while remaining refined and understated, Dihn Van jewelery highlights masculinity and sublimates the female body. Their secret lies in the size, the material (leather bracelet, jewelry in silver, gold or titanium) and the sleek design. All-purpose, Dihn Van jewelry can be worn on any occasion (at the office, at brunch, etc.) and goes with any outfit without compromising style. Minimalist and elegant, Dihn Van unisex jewelry gives the impression of a singular piece of jewelry from elsewhere.

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