Bijoux pour hommes : 7 erreurs à ne pas commettre

Men's jewelry: 7 mistakes not to make

"Real guys don't wear jewelry"... Or, "I don't think this will fit". We regularly hear this kind of pseudo-reasons, which are actually apologies, from men when they talk about jewelry. Gentlemen, whatever. It is understandable that some people are not comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing jewelry for men. But, often, this little discomfort is explained by the fact that they do not know how to wear them.

Obviously, if you do it the wrong way, you're making a style mistake. And in this case there is indeed something to be uncomfortable about. To avoid any missteps, here is a list of the 7 most common mistakes that men who want to get into jewelry make, as well as how not to fall into these traps.

1) Wearing men's jewelry that didn't really convince you

To have style or create your own style, it's obvious that, from time to time, you shouldn't be afraid to defy fashion codes. However, when you decide to wear a men's bracelet or a necklace, you must be sure that it will add something to your outfit, that it will enhance you.

Wanting to wear such a bracelet at all costs on the pretext that it's fashionable when you don't feel it is counterproductive. If you're getting into men's jewelry, don't hesitate to start with simple pieces, for example a minimalist bangle bracelet, or a simple chain with pendant. You will gradually get used to wearing jewelry, and you can move on to more original pieces once you have mastered this new accessory.

2) Choosing jewelry that doesn't match your outfit

For a piece of jewelery to look good on you, it must absolutely match the outfit you are wearing. We're going to caricature the line, but for example wearing a paracord bracelet with a 3-piece suit or a silver bangle with a tracksuit… That doesn't do it at all, unless it's carnival.

Still, these might be the most beautiful bracelets for men of this kind that you can find. But worn in the wrong situation, they will be horrible. So only buy jewelry that matches the outfits you're wearing.

3) Overload

Yes, fashion is in stacking, i.e. the wearing of jewelry, for men or women. However, it is an art that requires some experience in jewelry to be effective. For your beginnings, start with a single piece per type of jewel (necklace, ring, bracelet). When you have a collection large enough to form winning combinations, then you can start accumulating.

4) Not wearing your jewelry harmoniously

The purpose of jewelry is to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outfit. And one of the most important criteria of aesthetics, whether in fashion, art or architecture, is harmony and balance. If you wear a watch, wear your bracelet on the other wrist.

If you're wearing a massive Cuban-style necklace, avoid wearing a thin bracelet on your wrist, otherwise the imbalance will be obvious. Mixing metal colors is also a perilous exercise that will be reserved for experts.

5) Not taking skin color into account

Beyond our ethnic origins, each skin has a particular tone that matches more or less well with certain colors of metals. You can determine your skin color based on the color of your veins:

  • Blue or mauve: cold skin color, which goes well with silver, white gold or platinum
  • Greens: warm skin color, which goes well with yellow metals such as gold, copper
  • Blues, greens AND mauves: neutral color, which goes well with all metals

6) Believing that jewelry is not masculine

This belief that jewelry is a typically feminine accessory is a total misunderstanding of jewelry and its history. The early jewelry was worn by both men and women, if not more. Throughout history and until recently, men wore jewelry without their masculinity being questioned. In India, the finest jewelry was worn by Maharajas.

On the time scale, the period during which jewelry is considered a feminine accessory is very short, and even confined to the Western world. It could well be that this short episode is dissipating so that we are witnessing, in some way, a return to normalcy. No, being a man doesn't automatically mean wearing brown or black shoes, sad-hued clothes and going without accessories.

7) Choose your men's jewelry without taking your body type into account

The size of the jewelry for men that you buy must be proportional to your morphology. If you have the build of a mover, you are not going to wear a thin bracelet on your wrist, and vice versa. It's hard to give strict rules to follow in this matter, but here are some tips that should help:

  • If you have a long neck, choose men's necklaces of longer length
  • If you have big hands or big wrists, go for chunky bracelets
  • If you have big fingers, opt for massive rings
  • If you're slender, go for lightweight men's jewelry

Conclusion: Proceed carefully and wisely, and you'll be fine

Anyone can wear men's jewelry. It's all a question of relevance in the choice of models, as well as avoiding leaps and bounds. Set your sights on jewelery adapted to your outfit, your morphology and above all your tastes. Little by little, your jewelry will allow you to increase your self-confidence and then you can experiment more.

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