Bijoux pour hommes : 5 tendances avant-gardistes de la Fashion Week 2019-2020

Men's Jewelry: 5 Cutting-Edge Trends From Fashion Week 2019-2020

At the end of January 2019, Men's Fashion Week 2019-2020 bowed out. On the catwalks from London to Milan via Paris, several clear trends have emerged among designers who have lifted a corner of the veil on what will be the trends of tomorrow. Between real novelty or confirmation of what we already knew, here are some major trends in the field of men's jewelry.

XXL chains

We already told you about the big comeback of the 90s fashion. This was particularly visible in men's necklaces, and the great return of oversized chains. In 2019, the chain is far from being the weak link in men's jewellery, it is essential, and if possible in XXL format. It can take the form of what we could see around the neck of the reports of the 90s, or take on more industrial looks.

Impressive earrings

This sizing fashion is not confined to men's necklaces, quite the contrary. Even earrings are getting involved, with the appearance of ostentatious models. Designers obviously prefer silver or steel for this type of jewellery. A trend that only the boldest will be ready to follow.

The medallion or talisman as a men's pendant

Having a men's necklace means above all having the possibility of wearing a pendant. During Fashion Week 2019-2020, we saw the proliferation of medallions. Whether in reference to Antiquity, or more modern medals.

Humanity's first pendants were talismans, i.e. objects meant to protect their wearer. Whether you believe it or not, it's very aesthetic, the talisman was also omnipresent on the occasion of the last men's fashion shows.

Return of the carabiner

Still on the theme of the 90s, we are witnessing the great return of the carabiner in the pockets of these gentlemen. Will this accessory become a lasting part of the panoply of jewelry for men? This remains to be confirmed, but Versace and Dior Homme have in any case rushed into the breach.

The utility necklace (neck bags or phone holder)

Not very baggy? Men's fashion houses offer you to put on a neck bag, or a phone holder that becomes a kind of utility necklace. It's more of a clutch than a bag, but there is still enough to carry the essentials, in particular to avoid having your phone with ever larger dimensions that bother us in the pockets. Even if, new comfort, the neck pouch should not be the panacea. On the other hand, it's in.

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