Bijoux pour homme : osez !

Men's jewelry: dare!

Today, like the stars in the media, jewelry for men has become a custom. Say goodbye to prejudice, dare to assert yourself with a jewel or why not jewelry that will express your virility. Because yes, men's fashion is not just about clothes and shoes. It also goes through accessories such as jewelry. A single watchword: dare!

Dare to step out of the divides

Just as a pair of glasses dresses your face or a pair of shoes affirms your style, jewelry completes your clothing look and makes you stand out from the crowd. For this season, forget for a moment the jewels set with precious stones! Not that you have to part with your heart jewelry to be fashionable. But, they will be more to wear for the big occasions. The trendy man that you are will rather opt for sober and less flashy materials. Like stainless steel or platinum. And for good reason, symbol of virility par excellence, steel is a material full of testosterone. It amply deserves its place in the wardrobe of men in search of elegance.

Platinum, on the other hand, is known for its unfailing robustness. So it will never look worn or chipped. As a result, it is particularly recommended for men with a very active lifestyle, Bill Gates-style businessmen or modern-day Robinson Crusoes.

Better still, as the trend is slowly moving towards an attenuation of codes and genres, turquoise is also making its way into men's clothing. Although it is more difficult to wear, it will accompany you perfectly during sunny days. It goes perfectly with a tanned complexion and highlights a perfectly tanned skin.

However, let's not forget leather, that almost wild animal material that exudes masculinity. Smooth or twisted, it absolutely corresponds to the very essence of men's jewelry: elegant and manly.

Choose the right jewelry for men

You have certainly been told many times that not all jewelry suits all men. This is certainly true for some, and not for others. Indeed, if you have a fairly exuberant personality, the task will be less complex. On the other hand, if you don't want to look like a London street blogger, it's very important to follow current trends.

The ring on his gentlemen's finger

In the ring department as in fashion, we don't sing the same tunes in the same season! One day it's in, another day it's out. And this season, the trend has some nice surprises in store for you. The signet ring, which a few years ago was confined to the image of the grandfathers of the 60s or the Sunday mafiosos, is making its comeback nuanced by the lightness of new lines and textured materials. Do not hesitate to wear it in silver with a pretty turquoise to break its medieval image.

Men's bracelets: jewelry not to be missed under any circumstances

The watch is not the only piece of jewelry that invites itself to your wrists. Bracelets are also appreciated for their discretion and elegance. While some major brands have decided to give pep back to classic bracelets, prefer more original men's bracelets without falling into eccentricity. You will stand out. Leather or metal bracelets have been particularly noticed during major fashion shows and bring an adventurous side. The wooden or stone bead bracelets will not be left out for fans of the hippie chic look.

And the necklace in all that?

As in ready-to-wear, or any fashion sector for that matter, jewelry also experiences trends from year to year. This season, necklaces are particularly in vogue among men. If the trendy man can afford everything (or almost), avoid all the same the big golden chains, too bling-bling. Instead, choose a thinner gold chain to revive your complexion.

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