Bijoux, magazines… Comment les hommes sont encouragés à faire leur demande

Jewelry, magazines… How men are encouraged to propose

A survey of 2,000 engaged or married Americans tried to find out the reasons that led these gentlemen to make their marriage proposal. He also tried to assess the period of time needed to determine that their girlfriend deserves such a request. The average response is 7 months.

The survey was conducted by OnePool for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, a company specializing in insurance for jewelers. She revealed that 49% of men who proposed had been encouraged by their partners, and through devious means.

The most common signs that Madame is anxiously awaiting her engagement ring are:

  • Watching films on the theme of marriage
  • Discussions revolving around other people's engagements or marriages
  • Dropout in places in view of marriage magazines
  • Emails from online jewelry store forwarded to their man
  • Visits to jewelry stores to look at the rings

The survey also established that on average, the search for the perfect ring takes 2 months. Of those who resolved to make their request, 60% of them indicated that they had received indications from their partners as to the choice of the ring. After acquiring it, his men showed great ingenuity in order to hide the jewel until D-Day.

49% of them put it in a safe, while 30% of them chose to hide the ring in a shoebox. 25% of these gentlemen preferred to keep the ring on them constantly, while others trusted mum and dad.

The survey does not say how many brides and grooms received a men's engagement ring. This atypical practice is gaining traction as society pushes for gender equality. But also because men are becoming more and more open to men's jewelry. And if Mr. does not want an engagement ring, why, Madam, not offer him a small gift to mark the occasion. For example a minimalist bracelet.

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