Les bijoux homme et unisexes ont enfin l'attention qu'ils méritent

Men's and unisex jewelry finally gets the attention it deserves

A wider choice in terms of size. A full range of products for all skin tones are ways to be more inclusive for fashion brands. Whether they sell swimsuits, underwear or shoes. Another option is to offer products that are not limited to one genre. While jewelry is traditionally more associated with women than men, brands are changing our habits. Mejuri, Missoma and Brilliant Earth recently launched collections of jewelry for men and unisex. Signals that send a positive message in terms of inclusiveness and choice of style.

Men's jewellery: opening up new horizons

Of course, jewelry for men is nothing new. But the way they are worn is. Harry Styles has become synonymous with pearl earrings and necklaces. The same goes for actor Timothée Chalamet, musician Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, and hilarious writer-filmmaker, Jordan Firstman, who is also an Instagram sensation.

Of course, legends like Steven Tyler, Jay-Z and George Michael wore jewelry long before them. However, this new wave goes beyond diamond necklaces, men's signet rings or bling-bling pieces. It communicates a message of identity and tolerance to new generations, encouraging them to dress and accessorize exactly as they see fit.

The effects of generations Y and Z on jewelry

Millennials and Gen Z, overall, have a much less binary view of sexuality and gender,” says Kathryn Money, SVP of Merchandising and Sales of Brilliant Earth. On November 24, the brand launched its fluid Mx Collection collection. It includes thick rings, most of which are decorated with diamonds, minimalist rings with diamond center stones and patterns, to be worn in accumulation. These men's jewels are offered in yellow, pink and white gold as well as in platinum. “The openness of these generations to gender fluidity is part of what inspired us to offer a wider range of sizes and create the Mx Collection. It's our way of celebrating and promoting love in all its forms and recognizing those who identify as non-binary in jewelry. »

Marisa Hordern, Founder and Creative Director of Missoma, told TZR: “Our brand values ​​center on self-expression and individuality.Men turn to jewelry for the same reasons women do, to build their identity.» After answering numerous questions about where to buy men's jewelry with the philosophy of Missoma in mind, Hordern set out to fill a gap in the market. “Our community kept telling us that their spouses were stealing their Missoma jewelry, so we had to do something about it,” she explains. The Men's Edit launched on November 4, featuring semi-thin jewelry like chunky links, snake chains and dangling hoops, all of which are everyday wearable regardless of gender. As versatile pieces for everyday wear, adds Horden, “they go with precious jewelry that you may already own.»

Mejuri Men's Jewelry

Similarly, an inclusive and empowered spirit has driven the popular Mejuri brand since its inception. She recently launched a collection for jewellery for men. It includes fashionable gold chains and bracelets, more daring pendants and rings. Noura Sakkijha, CEO and co-founder of the label, told TZR: “Our target demographic is inherently broad. We like the idea of ​​going against the traditional codes of high jewelry. She added, “We want to be a trusted resource for anyone looking for well-crafted pieces in high-quality materials for themselves or as a gift for a friend.

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