Bijoux homme : une mode étonnante, la boucle d'oreille pendante

Men's jewelry: amazing fashion, the dangling earring

It shines, it wobbles, it frames your face: it's the dangling earring, one of the latest fashion trends in men's jewelry.

These gentlemen are getting bolder

Lil Nas X, the cowboy rapper, often matches his western jackets with a gold cross dangling from his left lobe. Odell Beckham Junior, the NFL player known for his numerous tattoos, prefers to wear this same men's jewel on his right ear. Whether he's wearing his Cleveland Browns jersey or a smart suit. Across the ocean is Korean pop star Kang Daniel, former member of Wanna One, who is often seen with a dangling earring.

The trend is so strong with celebrities that it has made its way to mainstream stores such as Urban Outfitters. This one notably offers dangling earrings with a key or safety pin motif. It has also invited itself into Internet culture. Whether on the side of memes or TikTok videos. Zach Clayton, a 19-year-old internet celebrity who lives in Los Angeles, made the following observation on Twitter: "I was on TikTok for the first time in a long time and noticed that all the guys wear a dangling earring. »

Fashion designers were quick to co-opt the trend. Perhaps because it symbolizes the trend of non-binary genres. This is how we could see them on many men's shows. Notably from Céline, Valenciaga and Gucci. Harry Styles notably created a sensation by wearing such men's jewelry at the Met Gala in May.

Why wear the dangling earring

When worn with a dressy outfit, such a piece of jewelry can "add a little bit of subversion to the most elegant outfit," said Nick Paget, of the company specializing in WSGN fashion trend forecasts. It's also a sign of a broader evolution in men's fashion, he says. "We are clearly moving towards soft masculinity," he said. " It's been a few seasons that we've seen different types of masculinity emerge, soft without being fragile. It's for men who aren't afraid to experiment with their look, who probably have a clear view of gender roles, or who are at least comfortable with their sexuality. »

An old men's jewelery trend that is making a comeback

That said, the dangling earring didn't wait for social networks to seduce men. We find its traces as far back as 17th century England. "There is a real historical parameter to this trend, " said Paget. One of the models seen at the Givenchy show last June has "a dandy air that is reminiscent of the pioneering spirit of the avant-garde of the Tudor period, like Sir Francis Drake. »

There are more contemporary examples. Notably George Michael, who posed for his 1987 Faith album cover with a dangling crucifix loop. That said, unlike the 80s, the current trend is making fun of labels. There is no longer any debate as to whether wearing an earring on the left or on the right is a sign of homosexuality.

The definition of man is no longer so rigid today, when society confined him by conformity in a straightjacket,” said Christopher Morency. “In the end, an earring is an earring. And as societal lines of masculinity shift, this accessory is no longer limited to just one gender. »

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