Bijoux homme et tenue élégante : comment ne pas en faire trop

Men's jewelry and elegant attire: how not to overdo it

Men have a lot less opportunity to dress up than women.To go a little further in the sophistication of their look by wearing men's jewelry, for example. In light of this reality, men's ability to understand how to be both stylish and sophisticated is even more important.

Today we're going to take a broad look at the different types of accessories that men can leverage. And, more importantly, how to use it wisely.

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The function of men's accessories and jewelry

Using purely decorative accessories for a formal outfit allows you to add subtle details that complete an outfit in an incredible way. There are different types of male accessories. But that doesn't mean you have to use them all at once.

Knowing how and when to wear jewelry, for example, can make the difference between a killer look and one that's overdone and tasteless. It is obviously the latter that men should avoid at all costs.

Getting an idea of ​​how to wear men's accessories is fundamental. We are therefore going to browse the different jewelry and extras that are likely to adorn a male wardrobe.

Men's watches

In principle, the watch has a purely utilitarian function, namely to give gold. But when it comes together with a stylish outfit, it goes way beyond that. A men's watch can, unpretentiously, take an outfit up a notch and add class to its appearance. The best models of men's watches for formal wear are the understated timepieces.

We will therefore avoid watches covered with hands, colors or numbers. Keep it simple: 12 numbers, 3 needles and a decent plain style. This type of model will pleasantly complement an aesthetic and effective outfit.

Men's Rings

Men's rings are fascinating pieces because they usually convey strong feelings. Males, for the majority of them, do not purchase a men's ring online on their own initiative. It is often a gift, or a purchase made within the symbolic framework of the materialization of a union, official or unofficial.

Wedding rings and other engagement rings are mostly essential pieces that should be worn proudly in circumstances that require the wearing of formal attire. For men who wear their wedding rings on a daily basis, the question does not arise, of course.


When you wear cufflinks with a dress shirt, this accessory does not only have a decorative role. It is also a need. A French shirt is often appropriate for formal occasions. This is a perfect opportunity to proudly wear cufflinks that give a very aristocratic look.

Cufflinks come in an incredible number of variations, styles. From absolute discretion to eccentric, there is something for everyone and every occasion. To avoid the fault of style, it is preferable to play the security card by opting for sobriety.

Men's bracelets

Certain models of men's bracelets go perfectly with a suit. Namely:

Be careful not to overload jewelry. If you wear a chain, or a watch, think twice before putting on a men's bracelet. Wearing it together with a ring is no problem.

Tie clips

With the tie clip, we have another men's accessory whose original functional role has evolved. Initially, it was to prevent the tie from twirling with the wind. Or to end up where it should not be for certain professions, especially in restaurants.

But today, a tie clip is above all decorative. It allows you to break the monotony of an outfit that is certainly elegant, but also boring. To complement your look with this masculine accessory, the silver tie pass is the safest option. Gold or golden is also to be considered, especially for warm skin.

Tie chains

Tie chains present a less popular alternative to the tie pass. Ideal for men who like to play the card of originality.

Men's hat

There was a time when true gentlemen didn't go out without a hat. Today, the cap is a much more common accessory. Why not trade in that weekly headwear for a nice occasion hat? Not only is it stylish, but it can protect from disheveled hair, sun, rain, etc.

It's not just grandpa's hats. And if you're not convinced, you can ask Justin Timberlake. Indeed, this one does not miss the opportunity to wear hats of all styles, whether casual or formal.

Men's accessories: how to avoid overloading

Accessorizing is good. It is still necessary to avoid the overload. How do you know when you're overdoing it? When you add an accessory to your look, you need to make sure it enhances the whole thing. No accessory should steal the show from the whole, and especially from the main piece which is the costume.

In other words, any accessory must have the objective of showing off the costume. Anything that distracts from it should be avoided. The elegance of a formal outfit lies in balance, nuance and subtlety. From the belt to the shoes, including the clutch and the men's bracelet, the rule is the same.

Instead of wearing 3 rings, a men's necklace and a watch, it will often be preferable to settle for a simple, ultra sober bangle. In such a context, it is often a very small detail that makes all the difference. When in doubt, it is always best to remove an accessory.

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