Bijoux homme : innovation ou réinvention ?

Men's jewelry: innovation or reinvention?

Men's jewelry hasn't changed much in recent history. We've seen the same modest rings, bracelets and chains for decades, with in the end very little room for originality.

bracelet homme

Fortunately, there are many new jewelry for men 2021 that open up new horizons for us. They combine a futuristic vision while referring to the past. The hardships we have been through recently have forced many of us to reinvent ourselves. So why shouldn't the arts we use to express ourselves do the same?

Signet Rings: Historical Symbols of Power

Throughout history, signet rings have been symbols of power, wealth, and authority. Bearing the coats of arms of influential families or royalty, they showed anyone looking at them that the wearer was not someone to be taken lightly.They were gold, and often quite massive, as the flat section of the men's ring was used as a personal wax seal to officiate certain documents, such as contracts or registers.


These days, the men's signet ring is in fashion. Stripped of all its symbolism and cast in stark, cold metal, it now represents the end of an era, the blurring of hierarchy. This is a complete reversal of roles. Democratized, the signet ring can now adorn the fingers of the elegant man in the street.

Banded rings: simplicity meets modernity

Men have worn rings for thousands of years, from carved bones to the oldest wedding bands in ancient Rome. These days, however, massive band rings are all the rage.

bague à bandes

There are several ways to stand out the bands of this men's ring, ranging from layers of metals or alloys, sculpted layers or grooves filled with lacquer. A banded ring can represent many aspects of fashion. Whether you're a man with a rockstar ethos or just adding texture to your polished look, a banded ring is a great way to stay on top of the latest men's ring trends.

Men's cuff bracelets: an ancient history reinvented

Men's cuff bracelets were worn before the time of ancient Rome. Not quite unlike a bracelet, a cuff is a narrow, modest bracelet with a small gap for one's hand to fit through. The singular and simplistic cuff is an easy way to add flair to an outfit while maintaining simplicity and charm.

The narrow structure of a modern cuff bracelet doesn't leave much room for Decoration, but some variations are embellished with colored enamels, engravings or layers of metal to add a distinguished touch. It's perfect as an accessory for the office or everyday outfits.

Dangling men's earrings: overturning standards

One of the big new things we're seeing in men's jewelry is moving away from the strict standards of men's fashion. The Dangling Earrings begin to appear. Recent history has defined them as more of a feminine style despite how often men in alternative bands wore them in the 70s and 80s. Drop earrings are a great way to add a touch of originality and movement to your style.They can symbolize elegance, mystery or playfulness.

Fashion is changing rapidly, and so are the options becoming available for men's jewelry. The new trend is deconstruction and audacity.The wearer can express themselves more with what they wear, tell their own story.

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