Kendra Scott lance une collection de bijoux pour hommes

Kendra Scott launches a jewelry collection for men

From a one-woman show to a billion-dollar brand. Jewelry designer Kendra Scott always has more than one trick up her sleeve. This time, she's getting into unisex jewelry while talking about a new partnership.

At Q2 Stadium in early June, Scott presented his collection of jewelry for men and unisex as they announced a major partnership with the professional football club American from Austin FC. "It's already happening, " Scott said mysteriously, without giving any further details.

For the launch of her collection, she posted the following message on Instagram:

"I've been making jewelry since I was a mom. My business grew and so did my boys. That's why I'm proud to present Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott, jewelry designed in collaboration with my kids that are fun fashion pieces anyone can wear. »

Scott Bros. Men's Jewelry Collection by Kendra Scott

You can already buy Scott Bros. men's jewelry. by Kendra Scott. The pieces were designed in collaboration with his 3 sons (Cade, Beck and Grey). Scott said this collection has been in demand for a long time as her sons and male colleagues have been asking for jewelry to suit their style. The news came just after Scott resigned as CEO of his company, passing the baton to former company president Tom Nolan (Scott remains the executive chairman).

My boys have been part of the family business since day one. At first I couldn't afford not to be close to them, I couldn't afford a nanny, I couldn't do a lot of things," Scott told local magazine Austinia. “So their commitment and involvement was part of how this business was going to grow.

Several different styles inspired by men who matter in her life

Three of the different styles in her men's jewelry collection are named after her boys. Another sub-collection bears the name of his father, Kenneth, whom Scott described as his "North Star". Scott said she chose the names for the luxury men's bracelets in her collection based on inspiration from the men who matter in her life. She dedicated the collection launch party to celebrating inclusion.

We need to celebrate not only the women in our lives, but also the men,” Scott said. “The Scott Bro's collection is about celebrating diversity, inclusion, people. We're not just Kendra Scott, we're now the Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott. »

This jewelry collection is made of men's natural stone bracelets. Each piece embodies a quality:

  • Banded Agate for stability, calm and balance
  • Lapis Lazuli for intuition, self-discovery and honesty
  • Tiger's eye for courage, confidence and motivation
  • The turquoise for balance, healing and protection

Scott's new bracelet collection will donate 20% of launch proceeds to the art therapy program at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. 20% of proceeds from all sales of Cade jewelry will be donated to Shop for Good Giveback which supports family and youth associations.

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