Bijoux homme : que symbolisent-ils ?

Men's jewelry: what do they symbolize?

Both men and women have worn jewelry since the dawn of time. For their decorative side of course, but not only. Indeed, much more than simple fashion accessories, jewelry has a whole new dimension. Ring, bracelet, cufflink. each jewel is loaded with symbols. The materials from which they are designed are also meaningful. And this, whether it is the frames (gold, silver, platinum.) or ornaments (diamonds, sapphires, turquoises, lapis lazuli, pearls.)

What exactly do men's jewels represent?

A men's jewellery would have several functions! In addition to its decorative interest, the jewel is also a witness to the life of its owner. That's not all. It has different meanings (personality revealer, message vector.) and can have several functions.

A social function

The jewel indeed symbolizes the social status of its owner. In other words, it allows you to indicate your rank in society. If he wears a wedding ring, it means he is married. The fisherman's ring represents the insignia of the papacy.

Men's jewelry and its identity function

It is a sign of belonging to a specific group: religious, political, ethnic, sexual, professional. It allows you to know immediately in which group its owner is. We recognize, for example, hippies and surfers by necklaces of all kinds, punks by piercings and jewelry with skulls, etc.

A religious role

A jewel can be considered an amulet, a talisman, a gri-gri or a therapeutic object. Here are some examples of jewelry with mystical meaning: Tibetan bracelet or shamballa, episcopal ring, rosary.

A utility function, it seems!

A jewel can have a particular role to play in the daily life of its owner. This is particularly the case of the men's watch, cufflinks or even the seal ring and the key ring.

A sentimental vocation

A jewel can also be a vehicle of memories for the person who wears it. Among the adornments most often having a sentimental value, there is the Brazilian bracelet or friendship bracelet. The object of his sentimental attachment can also become a real reliquary. For example: a pendant necklace may contain a photograph, a lock of hair, or even crematory ashes.

An erotic place!

Jewelry highlights a part of the body. The attention will in this case be anchored on this one.

Each piece of men's jewelry has a meaning

What does the men's bracelet symbolize?

The men's bracelet currently exists in multiple versions, and has several meanings. But it also depends on the pattern it wears: anchor bracelet, hook, cuff, bangle.

Thus a simple skull and crossbones bracelet expresses rebellion and disobedience to the rules. While a skull and crossbones shamballa designates a form of criticism of consumer society and its excesses. On the other hand, a normal shamballa (meditation bracelet) has a deep spiritual meaning. As it has been said before, the Brazilian bracelet is the symbol of friendship and prosperity. As for the bracelet of strength, it of course evokes power and virility.

What does the necklace mean?

The pendant necklace is the most popular item of jewelery for men, women and children alike. And for good reason the pendant has a strong sentimental symbolism for the wearer. In addition, this adornment is most often worn near the heart. Depending on the sign it displays, it can represent membership in a belief, a community or serve as an amulet.

The symbolism of earrings

Yes, like women, men also wear earrings. And that goes back a long way. Thus, the soldiers of the Persian Empire already wore this type of jewelry. It was even found in Tutankhamun's tomb. These ornaments were also appreciated by pirates and sailors.

The meaning of earrings has changed over time. Today, they symbolize virility and social prestige. Many stars wear them, to name only David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Pharell Williams.

The symbolism of the ring

Discreet or ostentatious, the men's ring has several meanings depending on the model. Also, a wedding ring is an indicator of family situation, a jewel that highlights an important social position. As for the signet ring for men, it embodies virility, character and will. Usually worn on the left ring finger, it can also mark one's attachment to history, to certain values ​​and traditions, especially family ones.

And the cufflinks, what do they reflect?

Typically masculine jewellery, cufflinks marked a social distinction during the medieval period for the wealthier classes and kings. They were also used to convey a subliminal message. Of course, they have a utilitarian function since they are used as fasteners for French cuff shirts.

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