Bijoux homme : portez-les sans vous prendre la tête

Men's jewelry: wear them without worrying

Men are no longer afraid to take risks when it comes to their appearance. In any case, much less than before. The new wind in men's fashion has convinced many men to experiment with their style. From Hawaiian shirts to cowboy boots to bow ties. It's funny how things that made people laugh a few years ago have become trendy. After all, it's what fashion is all about.

The case of men's jewelry

That said, why is men's jewelry still shunned by many members of the male sex, despite much more dubious fads that have come and gone? I'm not talking about shell jewelry or neon rubber bracelets, which fortunately haven't been seen for about fifteen years. No, I'm more talking about men's bracelets, necklaces and rings (apart from wedding bands, which are in a separate category).

For rappers or Italian-Americans who grew up influenced by the movie Goodfellas, gold chains with cross pendants, chunky rings and wallet chains have always been accessories that are part of the daily lot. Why do men who don't belong to the categories that usually wear jewelry avoid a men's bracelet or a necklace like the plague? Is it because of a lack of choice? Or the fear of not knowing how to wear them? According to Michael Saiger, founder and creative director of American brand Miansai, it's a bit of both.

A new wind in men's jewelry

Miansai was created in 2008 by a 2nd year University of Miami student. At the start, he did not have excessive ambitions: his initiative was simply the response to his frustration with a lack of diversity in the world of men's jewelry. "While I was looking for something for myself, I couldn't find anything attractive on the market. So I started making my own men's jewelry," said Saiger. Originally from New York, he preferred to set up his business in Miami when his business took off.

"I started designing pieces for guys who didn't like to wear men's jewelry, " he said. As soon as they were released, its instantly recognizable pieces (anchor and hook bracelet, screw bangle) were a hit. "Accessorizing doesn't have to mean wearing massive things, like a big gold chain or a big watch. I prefer things that are sober, easy to wear and very discreet, that you don't want to take off. That you almost forget you're wearing them," he said. This is a completely opposite approach to the bling-bling propensity that is often associated with men's jewelry.

By offering minimalist men's jewelry with an attractive design, using quality materials and at affordable prices, Miansai has engulfed itself in a void, hence its success. Not only has it expanded the offer available on the market, but it has also made this product more accessible and varied. She showed that anyone can accessorize.

More is less

"All of our jewelry is understated pieces that can blend with any everyday outfit, " Saiger said. “Today, I particularly enjoy our new 2-tone designs, our vintage-inspired pendants, as well as our enamel pendants that add a pop of color to jewelry.” When it comes to accumulation, Saiger likes to keep it simple again. " I like to pair a watch with a strap with another structure, such as rope or leather.»

With 2 flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles, Miansai's empire is expanding rapidly. Supported by his wife Rachel, who holds the position of fashion director within the house, Saiger has shaped his own market that goes far beyond the niche.

Despite the success, all jewelry is still made in the brand's Wynwood studio. And when the couple aren't working on new designs or overseeing production, they tend to their Style Saves charity, which provides underprivileged Miami children with clothing and school supplies.

While the brand's philosophy taught men how to accessorize, it above all conveyed a strong message: wearing jewelry doesn't have to be a premeditated act. At least not the jewellery for men that it offers. While it's important to match the color of her shoes to her suit or her bow tie to her shirt, jewelry should be chosen based on her current state of mind. Want to turn heads? Wear a gold chain that screams "I blew 3 months rent on this man necklace". Want to be discreet? Wear a thin silver chain or a bangle bracelet.

Absolutely there is no right or wrong way to wear jewelry. But if you're looking for the basics, our advice is to avoid overdoing it.

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