Cheap men's jewelry for the beach: our selection!

Inexpensive men's bracelet: great summer deals!

Summer, the sun at its zenith, the beach. Tanned bodies, a scent of seduction floats over the season. This year again, you intend to display a sporty, neat, even a bit avant-garde look. Don't even try to fight, you'll fall for our cheap men's bracelets! Between Brazilian bracelet for men, surfer bracelet, in rope, leather or multi-thread cotton: a look back at the main trends of summer 2016. For a budget of 10 to 25 euros!

From men's Brazilian bracelet to recycled bracelet

While girls love Hipanema bracelets, men are not insensitive to the charms of the Brazilian bracelet. Be careful though, immediately forget the Brazilian bracelet made with love by your little sister who loves macramé… (but thank her anyway!)

This year, the perfect beach bracelet comes from Green Guru!

This American brand of men's jewelry makes bracelets from recycled climbing rope. An eco-friendly alternative, to reconcile fashion, sportsmanship and respect for the planet!

We love these cheap, colorful, easy-to-wear, and above all indestructible (…or almost!) men's jewelry

You can swim in it without any problem, and stay stylish on the beach.
It's no coincidence that this surfing bracelet is very popular with the kings of sliding: it is much stronger than a Brazilian bracelet for men!

And how much does a Green Guru surfer bracelet cost?

Less than 20 euros! At that price, you can collect them, or even divert them from their primary use. Some turn it into a keychain!

Give me more trendy bracelets!

What you need is a sporty bracelet for guys, rather casual... A men's fashion accessory that reflects your state of mind this summer? And of course without breaking the bank.

We have it all in stock… Here are some cheap surfer bracelets.

  • Rope and leather bracelets for men

This year's card! They consist of several threads, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rows. We like the spirit of accumulation, the mix of materials.
These leather bracelets and braided cords are available in several colors. Count about fifteen euros.

  • Leather, ropes and beads
  • Cotton and pearl bracelets

Inexpensive men's jewelry, ideal for those who don't want to get too wet. .. Fairly discreet, this accessory retains a certain subtlety. For more audacity, it can be combined. Less than 10 euros per bracelet.

  • Men's pearl bracelets

After Shamballa, the pearls keep their aura! A large selection of pearl jewelery for men, from Goodwood NY (the famous brand of American rappers): bracelets, but also pendants and rosary necklaces.

Stay stylish on the beach, is it possible?

Of course, with the right accessories…and the right reflexes!

Okay, I want my beach bracelet!

But what are you still doing on this article? So go to the store!
You will find many cheap men's bracelets, and surfer bracelets galore.
Delivery is free from 40 euros, take advantage of it, and don't forget the sunscreen.

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