Bijoux homme : les tendances 2021 les plus fraîches

Men's jewelry: the freshest 2021 trends

Men are becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to jewelry. They are less and less reluctant to wear bracelets, necklaces… And with the blurring of the boundary between genders, unisex models are spreading like wildfire. But men's jewelry clearly designed for men is also gaining traction.

Casual and chic, jewelry for men goes with all outfits and all occasions. Whether it's to add a little touch of elegance to a suit or to sophisticate a simple outfit, there is always a ring, a ring, a chain or a pendant to achieve its goal. Here are the freshest trends in men's jewelry.

Men's bracelets and rings

Until now little reserved for women, the field of jewelry is being adopted by these gentlemen. Today, men's bracelets and rings are gaining mainstream popularity. They're no longer just for originals, or celebrities like Elton John. We see more and more men confidently wearing bracelets and rings. But also even more original things such as brooches.

While the popularity of the men's bracelet goes back a few years, in 2020 it is the ring that is making a breakthrough. plain rings, in silver or gold, are in high demand. But it is above all bi-metal rings that are all the rage at the start of 2020. Some do not hesitate to add a little sparkle with rings set with diamonds.


Originally a classic choice, cufflinks are regaining popularity as men accessorize. If they may be considered by some as too discreet, cufflinks can complete a look in a very sober and subtle way. It is often said that the devil is in the details: nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to cufflinks and masculine elegance.

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