Bijoux homme : les grandes marques à l'assaut du marché

Men's jewellery: top brands hitting the market

Pandora's box is open. In this case, it is the male jewelry box. Men's jewelry is the object of all desires. From men who want to sophisticate their look, but also from brands who want to get their part of a cake that keeps getting bigger.

An ever-increasing number of men's jewelry collections

Martyrdom of Anwar Hadid, Roxane Assoulin, AllSaints… In the 4 corners of the world, new collections of men's jewelry are constantly appearing for a few years. This market is increasingly coveted. Today, it is around the luxury jewelry giant Tiffany and Co. to position itself.

While this reaction may be delayed for some as the company boasts a long history of 182 years, the timing is rather optimal. The male jewelry is really starting to gain traction. Even if it remains far behind the women's jewelery market, it is experiencing greater growth than the latter. And the trend seems to be accelerating. The number of searches for terms related to men's jewelery has increased by 50% since the summer. Most popular are men's bracelets and necklaces, according to Lyst.

That said, Tiffany is entering a market that is not lacking in players. How will the brand differentiate itself from the competition, succeed in adapting to trends? The future will tell us, but the artistic director of the American house, Reed Krakoff, has no shortage of ideas to achieve this. The jewels will notably be marketed in the network of Dover Street Market stores. The brand presented its men's jewelery with great fanfare at the Hollywood Athletic Club, in the company of prestigious guests. The goal is to create jewelry "essential to the perfect male wardrobe", according to Krakoff.

A presence on the men's jewelery market that is not new

The launch of this collection does not mean that it is a first for Tiffany. As its artistic director explained, the house has produced men's jewelery throughout its 2 centuries of existence. However, he acknowledges that this market has been somewhat neglected in recent years. Hence this desire to correct the situation by going further than traditional cufflinks and wedding rings.

In order to offer its new offer, Tiffany has chosen to reinvent the great classics of American men's jewelry. Namely:

  • The braces
  • The "signature" rings
  • The necklaces with pendant
  • The refined men's bracelets

Most rooms are unadorned. Tiffany will offer a basic collection. Then new pieces will be released every six months.

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