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Men's jewelry: a beginner's guide

If there is something positive about the Internet and social networks, it is that we are constantly confronted with new ideas. That there are lots of online stores that allow you to find the perfect accessory. This is especially true when it comes to fancy or luxury jewelry for men. It is still necessary to be able to sort through this plethoric choice.

Hence the idea for this beginner's guide to men's jewelry. Whether it's because you, as a male, are about to acquire a men's bracelet or a necklace for the first time. Or because you want to give your partner such a masculine accessory. The objective of this guide is to guide you in your choices.

Choosing men's jewelry: what style are we going for?

Some people will have a very specific idea of ​​what they are looking for, especially when it comes to going for a specific style. If you want classy jewelry that goes with dressy outfits, this will automatically eliminate certain types of men's jewelry. Others have no idea what they are looking for: they only know what they want after seeing it! In the second case, searches take longer because they are not targeted. But it doesn't matter, if you take the time you will end up finding the men's necklace, the bracelet or the ring you were looking for.

  • Simple men's jewelry: If you're looking for something understated, rather timeless and easy to wear, there are the bangles and leather bracelets that are perfect.
  • Slightly ethnic men's jewelry : for a slightly ethnic look, we recommend a pearl men's bracelet. This type of model has the advantage of being able to be worn with a large number of outfits. Stone models tend to go best with formal outfits, wooden models are a little more casual (although there are exceptions)
  • Rock'n'roll men's jewellery: everything in leather and silver is perfect for a rock'n'roll look
  • Men's sports jewellery: a paracord or fabric bracelet, a Brazilian bracelet, cord, etc.

Choose the right size

We repeat it often, having a successful style is above all a question of harmony. It is possible that a piece of jewelry is inherently beautiful, but that it is not adapted to your morphology. When you buy a men's bracelet, you must of course choose the right length so that it does not tighten too much, or which is not too loose. But its thickness must also be proportional to your wrist.

This therefore means that people with large wrists will rather wear large men's bracelets, and vice versa. The same logic prevails for men's necklaces. If you buy a piece on Bijoux4Men, don't worry if you made a mistake in size: you can exchange your product (or even ask for a refund if you're not satisfied).

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