Bijoux homme : FILA collabore avec une marque bien connue

Men's jewelry: FILA collaborates with a well-known brand

Most men don't like shopping for 2 reasons. Firstly because they consider that it takes too long. And secondly because it is often difficult to choose from the available offer. This is particularly the case for sports shoes.

This shouldn't make it any easier: a collaboration has been born between FILA and the men's jewelry brand Miansai. The 2 companies have worked on designing a special collection of rather elegant sports shoes, which can be suitable for both leisure and the office.

It must be said that sneakers, as they are called across the Atlantic, are gaining their letters of nobility. They are often the ideal complement to a pair of jeans and an impeccably tailored jacket over a simple T-shirt. This is the fashionable outfit in start-ups, among young entrepreneurs, who don't hesitate to drop the tie.

This kind of outfit goes perfectly with the style of men's jewelry that this American brand likes to produce. Namely minimalist bracelets that exude great elegance. On the Bijoux4Men online store, you will find models with the same influences, in particular very beautiful men's bangles.

To come back to this collaboration, 2 pairs of shoes will be exclusively marketed by the men's jewelry brand:

  • FILA Targa x Miansai
  • FILA Disruptor 2 x Miansai

You can immediately recognize the influence of Miansai on the design of these sneakers whose style is both contemporary and timeless. The colors are neutral for maximum sobriety.

"This is FILA's first collaboration with a jewelry brand as we continue to explore partnerships that are both innovative and distinctive," said a senior FILA America executive of the North. “Miansai has managed to forge its own niche with its designs which have the status of works of art. These are ideal pieces to combine with our shoes. We share the same passion for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. This is why our partnership is so ideal,” he added.

Over a year ago, FILA contacted us to form a first partnership with a jeweler. We started the creative process by going through their archives. We were inspired by vintage designs and materials. We really appreciated this work from a creative point of view, because our teams share the same aesthetic codes as well as the taste of the revival of vintage, ” said Michael Saiger, founder and creative director of Miansai.

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