Bijoux homme : et si la broche devenait à la mode ?

Men's jewellery: what if the brooch became fashionable?

It is becoming commonplace to see a man wearing jewelry such as a bracelet, a ring or a necklace. Some, bolder, also wear one or a pair of earrings. But there is a new trend that is even more original: the brooch. She is increasingly present in red carpet ceremonies. Are we witnessing the emergence of the latest fashion in the world of jewelry for men? Let's try to see more clearly.

The back of the brooch overlaps the lapel of the men's jackets

Not so long ago, this piece of jewelry was considered cheap. Only ladies of a certain age still wore a brooch. It was more of a collectible than anything else. Things started to change when female stars started wearing braces without inhibitions again. And now, it's the turn of these gentlemen to adopt this jewel that seems to come from another era.

The men who wore a brooch at the last Oscars

At the last Oscar ceremony, the brooch was one of the stars of men's jewelry. They were indeed very few not to wear such a jewel on the lapel of the jacket of their evening suit. It was either a full-fledged brooch or a more discreet pin. Celebrities who have adopted this look include Antonio Banderas and Timothée Chalamet. Previously, we had already seen Billy Porter wearing a Tiffany brooch at the Golden Globes. Or Rami Malek at the 2019 Met Gala.

The current trend in men's jewelry

Claibourne Poindexter of Christie's even proclaimed it to be the big trend of the Oscars 2020:

In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of gentlemen who wear jewelry. This is a great way to diversify their style. The dress code for gala evenings means that it is very difficult to individualize your look. It is therefore easy to understand that men's jewelery represents a unique opportunity to personalize your outfit.

From Billy Porter, who wore many men's bracelets and rings, to men who have consecrated the return of the brooch by hanging it elegantly on the lapel of their jacket like Banderas and Chalamet, he there's no doubt that it's been a long time since men were so enthusiastic about jewelry. »

Poindexter also clarified that he was charmed by Anthony Ramos who wore a long man's necklace and a brooch to complement his white suit.

Edward Avedis expands his men's jewelry collection

All these trends are not lost on jewelers, who adapt their offer according to this demand. The Los Angeles jeweler Edward Avedis is particularly good at enriching his collections with new jewelry for men. The house notably offers signet rings of very aristocratic inspiration, pins and cufflinks that can be personalized.

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