Bijoux homme : de nouvelles bagues fabriquées avec des matériaux et des techniques atypiques

Men's jewelry: new rings made with atypical materials and techniques

Thewedding ring was for a long time the only piece of jewelery these gentlemen wore. The wedding ring left little room for fantasy, it was a conformist ring that had more of a symbolic role than an aesthetic one. But as men are more and more open to men's jewelry, it may be time to reconsider the wedding ring market. Carbon 6 offers absolutely unique rings, in particular thanks to the use of revolutionary processes.

Masculine and original rings

The men's wedding ring market is very static. This accessory, which appeared in Ancient Rome, has always played on classicism. In gold or silver, this is a sober ring with little room for fantasy.

When the founder of the Carbon 6 company, John Easley, had to set his sights on a wedding ring again after losing the ceremony ring, he preferred to create his own men's ring so as not to be limited by a reduced offer. He had 5 goals in mind when creating the ring he will wear all his life:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Security
  • Meaning

Before his invention, Easley wore his wedding ring with pride. It was after losing it that he realized there were very few options in the men's ring market. He used his engineering background to consider the different metals that could create the perfect match.

Carbon fiber rings

The lightweight material carbon fiber rose to the top of his list when he realized that it met almost all of his criteria. But the "woven" texture of this material posed an aesthetic problem. However, he found a solution after discovering that Lamborghini faced the same problem in 2010. It was possible to take away the industrial look from carbon fiber.

A traditional ring is made using heat and pressure. The 2 physical principles at the base of forging. In the case of Carbon 6, it was necessary to develop new methods so that the carbon fiber could be transformed into light, robust and pleasing to the eye rings.

By combining resin with carbon fiber, he was able to make rings that look like marble and are extremely durable.

bague homme en acier

Other atypical materials for a men's ring

Little by little, the range has been enriched, but always with innovation in mind. For example, the rings of the Glow collection have a crystal powder, strontium, which allows the ring to be illuminated in the dark after having stored sunlight during the day. It is a far superior option to copper-activated zinc sulfide, the compound used in the vast majority of phosphorescent products.

The Damascus Steel collection uses 2 types of steel to obtain even stronger rings. A small acid bath results in abstract patterns and textures on the top of the ring.

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