Des bijoux homme colorés Roxanne Assoulin

Colorful men's jewelry Roxanne Assoulin

Roxanne Assoulin is a master at reinventing herself. The New York jewelry designer is still going strong after a 4-decade career in fashion. It continues to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands. Today by offering men's bracelets and necklaces.

Assoulin's career in a few lines

She began her career in the 1970s designing leather bracelets and hair accessories. In the 80s, she started working with semi-precious materials. Over the next decade, his company evolved into a private label called Lee Angel. She specialized in the production of collections for factory outlets. She has also created jewelry for major American brands, constantly adding her style and taste for daring colors.

In 2016, Roxanne Assoulin launched a new eponymous jewelry brand consisting of cord bracelets, elastic and enamel. The common point of all these materials is their colorful character. While experimenting in her office playing with enamel pieces, she came up with this original combination of materials. She then contacted fashion magazine editors and influencers to take the temperature. The encouragement pushed him to realize his ideas.

Roxanne Assoulin launches a collection of men's jewelry

After 3 years of activity, Roxanne Assoulin is expanding its collections with men's jewelry. For someone who manages her own Instagram account, she knows the market well, its mechanics and the best ways to grow her business. She may have noticed that men are ready to get into colorful jewelry. This woman with a long experience may be at the forefront of this future trend.

And who else could have gone down such a path? After all, color has been the common denominator of all Roxanne Assoulin's creations since the 1970s.

His colorful enamel bracelets quickly became a hit on the Internet with women... and men. Despite her long experience, she had never had such dazzling success. What is its target? People who have thejoie de vivre rooted in them. No matter the age, the sex... It's about jewelry without the hassle that allows to start conversations, whose joviality is communicative. Kids love them, as do parents and grandparents.

Why men's bracelets?

When asked why she decided to enter the market of men's jewelry after only 3 years of existence, the designer replied that it was an evolution demand-driven nature:

Men have been buying our bracelets since the beginning. The denomination of men's jewelry does not concern models so much as sizes that correspond to male measurements. Even if these bracelets and necklaces now take their place in their own collection. »

After receiving numerous requests from friends and customers who wanted certain models adapted to their size, Assoulin had no other choice but to satisfy the request. These are indeed unisex bracelets that really suit everyone.

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