Bijoux homme : Cartier est sur la balle depuis longtemps

Men's jewelry: Cartier has been on the ball for a long time

The house Cartier, symbol of French luxury, may have been created in 1847, but it quickly got into jewelry for men. They were not men's necklaces or earrings, but rather an accessory reserved for men.

Boutons de manchette Cartier

Besides jewelry and watches, Cartier quickly became a renowned address for its masculine accessories. For example, Cartier began to offer its male clientele cufflinks as early as 1859.

These accessories can still be found today in the wardrobe of men of good taste. Cartier has been designing and selling them for over 150 years. Other men's accessories that are popular in Cartier jewelry stores include lighters, cigarette boxes, pens, but also men's bracelets and rings.

Men's bracelets and rings: these jewels also seduce

While not everyone is yet ready to wear a men's bracelet or a ring, cufflinks are still a safe bet. Since the tie is slowly but surely falling away in offices, whether to wear nothing or replace it with a bow tie, the tie pin no longer really has a purpose. 'be.

For men who don't want to stray too far from classicism, cufflinks seem to be the ideal accessory to personalize their look while giving it a touch of sophistication. The boldest don't hesitate to wear an elegant men's bracelet, for example a ring.

Bracelet homme Cartier

Match your cufflinks to your watch

When you wear a Cartier men's watch, it is suddenly easier to get matching cufflinks thanks to the collections offered by the Parisian house. For example, for owners of the mythical Santos men's watch, you will find a whole collection of Santos cufflinks specially designed to perfectly match this timepiece.

And when it's not from the same collection, Cartier always makes sure that its cufflinks match one of its watches. For example, the Pasha cufflinks in silver-plated palladium set with a synthetic blue spinel go perfectly with all Cartier watches in white metal, such as the new Tank Américaine in steel or even the drive. Panthère cufflinks go perfectly with a leather strap watch with a yellow gold case.

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