Bijoux homme en argent : 5 choses à savoir

Men's silver jewelry: 5 things to know

A men's silver ring, whether it takes the form of a wedding band or a signet ring, goes not only with everything. But it is also a very beautiful jewel. Silver is a malleable, durable and versatile metal that allows you to create a multitude of models. For example massive or fine silver rings, decorated with patterns or not, with or without stone.

In the men's jewelry category, silver necklaces and rings are popular accessories. Before you start, here are 5 things to know about men's silver jewelry.

Composition of a silver jewel

Most silver jewelry is made from sterling silver. In other words, it is a metal composed of 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% of various metals. This is often copper, but other metals can be used. Why don't we use solid silver? Quite simply because this metal is too malleable for thin parts. You can nevertheless find men's jewelry in pure silver for certain massive pieces.

Characteristics of silver in jewelry

Sterling silver is a very durable metal, although it is most valued for its beauty. This is a great choice for a men's ring, chain or silver bracelet. You can recognize the authenticity of silver jewelry by their 925 hallmark in the case of sterling silver.


Real silver jewelry can be black, or have black patterns. This color is obtained by the oxidation of the metal. This is a natural process that can be brought about via chemical reactions. Oxidized silver is frequently used in ethnic men's bracelets to create exotic designs. For a shiny silver ring, rhodium plating is frequently used, or simple polishing of the jewel. For a matte look, the silver can also be brushed.

Silver jewelry with stones?

Traditionally, men's silver jewelry is rather sober. This minimalist character can be obtained with the crimping or not of a stone. This choice is particularly popular on signet rings, in order to add a little color without overloading the jewel.

Caring for silver jewelry

As explained above, silver is a metal that naturally darkens due to the phenomenon of oxidation. To maintain its luster, it must therefore be maintained regularly. Silver jewelry can be cleaned either with a specific ultrasonic machine or with a solution made up of water, baking soda and salt. Another alternative is to clean the silver jewelry with a soft cloth and a little soap and water.

Contact with chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. So that means taking off your silver rings when cleaning. As well as all her jewels when we go to the swimming pool, when we play sports, etc.

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