Essential jewelry for men 2021

Good news for those gentlemen who love jewelry. Don't settle for too basic cufflinks and watches! No, like these ladies, you can wear anything: ring, necklace, men's bracelet... Yes, in 2021 jewelry is invading the men's wardrobe and becoming must-haves. What are the must-have jewelry essentials? Discover our top 5.

The ring, but not just any

Silver band or set with stones, depending on your taste. High on trend, the sterling silver and wood (yes wood!) band ring is a hit with youngsters and celebrities alike. Tribal, contemporary, Mexican... There's something for everyone. Its little extra? You can wear it as an engagement ring or as a wedding band. Yes, to be original, there is no better. The more daring can turn to the signet ring set with precious stones ready to sparkle on the fingers. In any case, only one rule to respect. The lines must be imposing. Worn alone or in combination, the rings easily find their place on the male fingers.

The leather strap

The leather bracelet for men is making an extravagant appearance on men's wrists this year. This flexible, easily tamed material has seduced men, even the most reluctant to jewelry. And for good reason, leather can be worked alone or associated with silver. It can also remain raw or dyed. It can even be set with fine stones such as Lapis Lazuli. With a chic and elegant or soft and scruffy design, it has the advantage of matching all looks and can be matched with all outfits. Of course, if you're the classic type, nothing prevents you from wearing a luxury men's silver bracelet.

The steel or precious metal chain necklace

Okay, in 2021 the fashion is for big chains with a punk or rock look, but you don't have to adopt the trend. If you're not too bling-bling, the fairly thin, mid-length chain necklace is for you. Many prefer the steel chain on their shirt for going to work or just to punch up a casual look. Yes, you have understood it, the chain is becoming more democratic and goes well with all outfits in 2021. On a special occasion or an official event, ultra-discreet gold chains bring character to your costume.

The religious pendant

Here is an essential jewel to highlight a masculine look. Whether you are spiritual or not, fall for religious pendants. The most famous are the necklaces with cross pendant. But other pendants are also very popular, including the Star of David and Fatma's hand. The pendant can be worn both everyday to stand out and on special occasions to get noticed. NOVICA has understood this and offers many models of religious pendants. Choose according to your tastes!

Personalised engraved jewelry

Whether it's a pendant, a bracelet or a ring, engraved and personalized jewelery is the trend of the moment. Ladies, do you want to please your significant other? Give her a jewel personalized with her initials or her name during a special event: birthday, Valentine's Day 2021... You can even have a sweet note engraved. You can't take a wrong step.

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